If you don’t jot down what you’re thinking and learning, what are the odds you remember? 

As an average type student, many inevitable things I have dealt with and struggled with such as challenges, time management, and constant distractions over most periods of my high school span. Nothing has changed me a lot from this frenetic unordered race as I always visualize, have excellent grades in school, and get tons of acknowledgment from my genius friends. And yet, the irony whispers at the end of my falsifier methodology. In this regard, amusingly, I have come across effective note-taking content on YouTube; since then, I grasp this maneuver as my second brain. I have been taking notes for three years now. And by that, I’ve been astonished by the tremendous life-changing essence now and then. 

At first, I used to begin tracking down all the checklists, grocery lists, to-do lists, etc. As time goes by, I have developed a note-taking system to track down all the random and or even silly ideas that have come to my mind. Since I collect and organize those random ideas in my note-taking system, my thinking performance and mind mapping capability are always aligned in a structured way. Besides, I don’t have to bother memorizing the things or events for a while, hence I can concentrate more on other things. 

You can boost up your work efficiency by internalizing the note-taking habits in the daily ritual.  More often we prefer a pen and a piece of paper for note-taking because it gives a handy feeling. but taking notes with any digital software can give some extra advantages, you can start with  OneNote as it’s free and so useful. Once you properly utilize this ritual, immense benefits might be leveraged out of it. Here are some benefits of note-taking you may consider aspect: 

  • Marching towards your goal by not getting distracted 
  • Reorganize or relocate your thoughts with a better strategy 
  • Thriving your thoughts in a sustainable way 
  • Connect the dots with more accurate abstract 
  • Letting less stress on your brain by 

Taking notes with pen and paper gives a very cognitive practice towards your activity, but sometimes it becomes so nagging and requires more attention to carrying and writing. In that case, note-taking management software could be the best choice. There are lots of note-taking services out there. You can start with any of these; you will have more flexibility to edit and sustainably customize your notes by this note-taking system.

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