Reading helps you become a person of immense knowledge by developing and enhancing your intellectuality. It affects your brain in ways that are amazing and even changes the way you think! It is a great tool to relieve your stress, anxiety, and depression by helping you to take a healthy break from your reality.  And guess what? This is not something made up! It is well backed up by science, and if you are an avid reader, you can relate to this article. 

Improves your communication skills and makes you more compassionate

“Before long, I realized that books were doing more for me than just instilling knowledge in my brain — they were also improving my communication skills. I became a more attentive listener in meetings with patients and business associates, and more articulate and insightful in my responses.”- says Mark McLaughlin, a Neurosurgeon. 

Research reveals that reading activates the region of our brain named the central sulcus region. Activation of this part of the brain helps you become a better “visualizer.” It enables you to see things from the perspective of the character that you are reading about. So it can be easily said that reading enhances your sense of empathy and sympathy. And if you are a person with deep compassion, you automatically become a better listener and hence, a better communicator. 

Increases your attention span

It is suggested by many psychiatrists to their primary ADHD patients to consider reading as a medication. Not only that, currently, the world is very much dependent on technology and social media. And these advanced mediums cause increased attention deficiency. This is why it is pretty noticeable how people these days lack attention. However, reading can alleviate this issue. Most good books are plotted sequentially. The stories are intertwined so that it intrigues you to read through instead of just rushing through the main details. This helps the brain to adapt to paying attention. And as complex as our brain can be, it is also straightforward to train depending on how you manipulate it. 

Improves memory

This is another problem that most of us face these days. As you read, your brain performs multiple actions at a time. It visualizes the characters, how they look, and even the color and pattern of the cloth they are wearing. It also imagines their voices and the tone in which they are talking. Your brain’s imaginative senses are empowered and expanded as you read through. And this multi-tasking action of your brain enhances the memory muscles. Just like the more you run, the more your heart muscles are worked, and in turn, you gain more stamina, your brain muscles are performed in the same way. The more you read, the greater is your capacity to remember. 

Heightens the brain connectivity

As you read, the left temporal cortex of your brain is elevated. The scientific term may sound intimidating. So let me make it easier for you to visualize. This part of the brain tricks you into imagining and experiencing situations that you are not in. Reading a gripping novel may have caused an adrenaline rush in almost all readers. You might have completely immersed yourself in a character that is in a war and is at the climax of fighting. At that point, you might have felt your heart racing and your muscles contract. But you are just on the bed, relaxingly reading. But this part of your brain made an impact on your whole body. So, just imagine how strong the nerve impulses were at that point!

It can now be easy to understand how reading makes a person more insightful and intellectual. The impact of reading on your brain is multiple times stronger than the effect of watching a movie is. This is because your brain alone visualizes every little detail as you read through it. So, read not just to gain knowledge but to enhance the power of your brain. Humans are gifted with this breath-taking organ, and it is up to us to make the best of it! 

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