About Circle

Who we are!

Circle is your partner for personal, educational and professional growth. It brings you relevant, practical and action-oriented advices from leading and inspirational experts, leaders, and practitioners from across the world. Circle caters to your need as you progress in your life. Whether you want to boost your educational credentials, skills development to career advancement, you can find them here in Circle. 

Besides, you will get inspired by learning from others and their remarkable achievements to keep you motivated and focused in your journey. If you want you can become an inspiration for others too by joining our community.

Our Inspiration!

Circle is the youth capacity development wing of Youth Opportunities-an award-winning international start-up. Youth Opportunities is the largest opportunity discovery platform, serving millions of youth across the world.

While access to opportunities is important for personal and professional growth, young people need further assistance, support and encouragement to transform available opportunities into successes. This has been the primary inspiration for Youth Opportunities to create a dedicated youth capacity development platform, Circle.

At Circle, we want to be your partner in personal, educational, and professional growth! 

Keep Growing!

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