As a college student, you’ll need to gather a lot of new academic knowledge pretty fast to excel at your studies. Also, books can cost a lot when you are in college, which can render you penniless. This is where the internet realm steps in. An array of websites full of academic resources with the right kind of information and knowledge about your major is what you as a college student need. If you are a social science student, then this article is for you. Below is a list of useful academic blogs and websites related to social science subjects that will help to make your student-life a little bit easier from now on.

Voices of Democracy

The Voices of Democracy is a website that presents students with the study of great speeches and debates in US history. This website gives the country’s guiding principles, debates, controversial social and political issues and shapes the identity and character of the American people. On this site, you will find scholarly articles offering critical analyses of significant speeches, curriculum units designed for undergraduate students, and a blog with brief commentaries on speeches and pedagogical issues.


Investopedia has a considerable amount of instructional material related to Economics, including most of the basics of the subject, and the website has a very textbook-style approach. So, you can find almost any economics topic covered here. This website is also a good source because of their sample quizzes that one can take to see if they have mastered the material. It is not easy to find sample economics questions, so this is a massive plus for the site. Investopedia Academy offers courses as well. You can find all the necessary information here

Outside the beltway

This is an online journal of politics and foreign affairs analysis. Students can analyze US politics, world affairs, and public policy from an educated, thoughtful perspective. For the most part, the views of this journal can seem classical liberal and a strong belief in free trade, limited government, and respect for human rights. They aim to have informed, polite conversations about interesting political issues. Become a patron here. The Transform 66 P3 Project (an Outside the Beltway project) in Northern Virginia, through which they are providing engineering design services, won the top award in the Best Transportation Project category of the 2017 P3 Awards.

Springer Political Behavior

Springer Political Behavior presents original research work in the general fields of political actors, behavior, poitical, processes and policies, and other factors. Their coverage focuses on the conventional and unconventional political behavior of political actors. The influence of individuals, small groups, or large organizations in the political process and action committees, governmental agencies, and mass media is covered here. You can create your own personal Springer account here

Wiley Online Library: Regulation & Governance 

Wiley Online Library: Regulation & Governance serves as the leading platform for the academic study of regulation and governance by political scientists, lawyers, sociologists, historians, criminologists, psychologists, anthropologists, economists, etc. Discussion about issues that transcend intellectual and geographic boundaries are presented—reports with empirical results surrounding those issues with broad implications are addressed here as well.  

Palgrave Macmillan : International Politics

International Politics is a fantastic and educative journal that is dedicated to exploring global problems and transnational issues. The journal welcomes appropriate contributions that communicate findings and provoke deeper dialogue without espousing any specific political or methodological stance. The journal provides a global forum for a burgeoning community of scholars from across the range of academic disciplines.

These websites can help you achieve academic success and acquire knowledge. Websites can also provide valuable evidence to support your research and discussions when writing an academic paper. So, go through them and make the best use of these online resources of practical knowledge.