It is much like what the great Salman Rushdie had once voiced in his interview with The Observer, London in 1999:

Literature is where I go to explore the highest and lowest places in human society and in the human spirit, where I hope to find not absolute truth but the truth of the tale, of the imagination and of the heart.

Suffice it to say, literature has united people beyond beliefs and cultures, disciplines and biases. Thus, if you are a literature enthusiast, thriving to feed your bits with each passing day, this article was handcrafted just for you! Here, we highlight free online courses on different literary sections for you to delve deeply into your curiosity

The Modern and The Postmodern

We are all more or less intrigued by the history of modern literature and philosophy. This course examines the evolution of “modern” literature at the end of the 18th century in Europe, and how it became a leading criterion to evaluate cultural changes. Sign up on Coursera for free today, to learn about the journey of modern literature to the probable route of post-modernism. 

A Study on Shakespeare

William Shakespeare, the majesty, is known to us most. Even our non-reader acquaintances, who have not turned one page in their lifetime, would be familiar with the “Bard of Avon.” Harvard University introduces its free online course program featuring analytical studies of the three noteworthy plays of Shakespeare. Namely: Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, and Othello. If you find broad perspective discussions tickling your fancy, register right away!

Women in Literature

A fascinating course on the “male gaze” and how women are portrayed in many works of art and literature is presented by Alison, one of the top platforms for free online literature courses. A transformative study to provide light on modern feminism. So, if it piques your interest, be sure to join in as soon as you can. This course is divided into three chapters and each one is headlined with the main subject of discussion. 

Poetry in the Victorian Era

A course designed just for poetry aficionados that explores the opulent riches of the Victorian era through some of its most well-known poets. It consists of one main module that is further broken into five concise chapters. Therefore, this Alison course is perfect for you if you have ever been interested in reading or interpreting poetry and learning about the history of poetry during the Victorian era. 

The Takeaway

The above sums up the few online courses that we suggest for a varied audience of enthusiasts. These classes are simple to enroll in, entirely online based and can be planned around your schedule. Online certificates are also available for print, but you would have to pay for them.