An increasing number of app developers now work remotely, and they collaborate with in-house teams from different parts of the world. While you always hire remote developers for a wide range of crucial benefits, you can always take things seriously for using the right collaboration, communication and productivity tools. 

Here we mention some of the must-use tools for optimizing the productivity, collaboration and communication of your team members, whether working remotely or with a mix of remote and in-house developers. 


Todoist offers a superb productivity app and helps you manage tasks efficiently through to-do lists.  Comprehensiveness and simplicity are two great strengths of this widely popular app. Apart from its simplicity and user-friendliness, it also offers a wide range of options for customizing lists as per your requirements. Moreover, it allows easy sharing and collaboration of task lists among developer team members.


This is the ideal app for team handling and collaboration and is particularly useful for development companies with several teams working across the globe. But don’t be scared, it is equally an excellent app-based tool for startups. Trello is an intuitive remote work collaboration tool helping manage remote teams day in and day out. It is a robust tool that allows segregating tasks and projects to be categorised into different lists and boards with all specifications such as dates, descriptions, checklists, links, images, and a lot of others. 


As a remote developer, you already know about the importance of video communication, and there are several great apps for that. But Loom became particularly prominent among software developer teams because of its crisp usability and handy user experience. You can always use the free plan and get most of the Loom features without spending a dime. For particular giving demo of the software and technical stuff, Loom is the best app in many regards. 


JIRA has already made its name as an excellent tool for managing remote developers and other teams in an enterprise setup. By using Jira, project managers can easily monitor the sprints and measure the progress of a project. The tool also allows easy assignment of projects to different individuals and facilitates the collaboration of the whole team, besides allowing everyone to give feedback and support each other. 


Freedom frees developers and employees from distractions, such as social media notifications, emails, or chat messages. Since you cannot ignore them as they can be critical at times, this excellent tool, through its filtering mechanism reaches you with notifications that you need. The same app also allows you to customize your preferences from time to time and perfectly suits remote developer teams. The app is widely popular among people who want a robust tool to block unwanted notifications, messages and content. 


Like Jira, Slack also became the staple choice for many developer teams worldwide for several reasons. It is not just a robust communication tool but also opens up scopes for real-time collaboration on app projects by syncing with other tools. Slack can also allow developers to use several communication channels for a superior and multifaceted experience. You should always consider using Slack when you want a robust communication tool with multiple channels covering every nook and corner of the company. Slack is recently acquired by Salesforce and promises to compete with most of the leading collaboration tools. 


Are you looking for a low-footprint and user-optimized chat app with remote collaboration features that just fits your requirements? You have Bumble for all these and much more. The app lets you stay updated regarding all remote and in-house team members, app projects, and collaborations from third parties or guests through a straightforward, crisp and easy interface. Bumble allows you to organize all the conversations into different channels and many threads within these channels. 

You can also use this app to communicate with all the remote and in-office teammates and share screens with one or multiple members simultaneously. The same app also allows you to invite outside people as guests for project collaboration and communication as and when required. The app is also great for accommodating unlimited users and accessing the complete chat message history without paying a dime. This is not the end. The same app adds value to the user experience by offering 10GB of free workspace storage for every employee so that a hybrid team of remote and in-house developers can communicate and collaborate smoothly. 


Chanty appears to be a chat app for teams that perfectly fits into software development workplaces. Moreover, it offers highly economical packages to suit development teams of all budgets and sizes. The basic plan of the app starts with a subscription fee of just $3 per user per month. It is so easy to use no company needs to give the staff any prior training to get oriented with the app. 

If the above is just not enough, Chanty offers an excellent and seamless ecosystem of message communication across different channels and mediums. It offers many cool features, such as quickly making a task from any message sent within an organization. 

Key Takeaways

Now that we have explained the leading and most obvious app tools for remote developer communication, project collaboration and productivity, you can only find some of them relevant. But at least any of these apps will find its ideal developer audience who will find some better than others. So, you must choose precisely based on your remote developer management and collaboration requirements.