Plagiarism is a serious offense. Many education institutions have adopted various plagiarism checker tools to teach their students the value of originality and accountability. With everything in the palm of their hands, students today often rely on software and the internet instead of themselves and their hard work. This is creating a gap in learning between educational content and moral values. This is why various plagiarism softwares have been introduced. Students are more careful about their school work as they are losing marks left and right at a small plagiarism mistake. This is teaching them to rely on themselves and provide original work – lessons that will help them in the long run. 

Here we have listed some of the best plagiarism tools for students to check their work before submission. 


Copyscape is a cloud-based software that helps you find plagiarism and content theft. All you need to do is type the URL of the content and you have results. It allows you to compare different content. There is a case management and tracking facility option in the tool. They also offer offline content indexing. This is regarded as one of the best free version plagiarism tools. 


Copyscape pricing is a bit unpredictable. They charge you on the number of words. Sometimes it is unable to identify the real URLs.


The best thing about Copyleakes is its ability to work on several languages. It works in more than one hundred languages. The work on this software is always comprehensive. It will find any plagiarized content after doing a thorough search online. Copyleaks offers code plagiarism checking. The reports from this search are comprehensive. There is an automated grading tool feature in the software. So, you can protect your content.  The software offers integration with different other software. 


There are some complaints about the subscription policy in the software. The use of credits depends on the number of words in the content makes it a big issue in the software.


Grammarly is used worldwide by many people. This software not only checks the plagiarism but also the punctuation, redundancy, appropriate vocabulary, and syntax. It provides suggestions to make your content better. There is a free version and a premium version. The free version alone is extremely useful. You will need to get a subscription to check the plagiarism. The software will let you know how many duplicate issues your content has. 


Grammarly does not work in every software. It doesn’t function on Google docs which is a real bummer. There are many spam ads in the free version. These ads can be frustrating while you are in full work mode. 


ProWritingAid is a plagiarism checker tool that will properly determine the originality of your content. They will check your content against several websites, papers, literally any published works. They are flexible to use as they support a wide range of files. You can get at least 20 writing reports. We can integrate the file with Google Docs, Chrome, word, mail, and many others with this tool. 


Sometimes the software ignores mistakes and focuses on simple ones. It stands as an issue when you are working on an important document in a limited timeframe


Plagscan is a great spun checker software. You can collaborate with your friends with this software. They highlight all the plagiarised words and phrases in the document. You can note any source from this software. Through this application, you can properly analyze any documents. They will provide the percentage of plagiarism in your content.


Plagscan is a bit slower in showing the results. The system doesn’t perform efficiently in the given time.

If you are a student struggling with your assignments or work, I suggest you check out these tools. Because copying is no way to learn.