Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires popularly known as Insead is a renowned global business school. It is consistently ranked amongst the best business schools in the world. Insead has three campuses – one in Europe (Fontainebleau), one in Asia (Singapore), and the last one in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi). They have ensured a multi-campus business school setting which has contributed to their global presence and multicultural alumni. 

Offered Programs

As a graduate-only school, Insead offers

  • Master of business administration (Full – time);
  • Executive MBA;
  • Master in Management;
  • Master in Finance;
  • Ph.D. in Management;
  • Business foundations;
  • Postgraduate degrees;
  • Executive education programs. Click here to see the list.

Teaching Curriculum

The teaching curriculum includes a blend of case studies, peer-to-peer learning, group work, tutorials, lectures, role-plays, and simulations. Insead case studies are widely acclaimed. These case studies are used as a teaching method for their students. Authored by the Insead professors, they have received many accolades and praise. Insead offers its students innovative learning approaches through several research initiatives. They have a total of fifteen research centers across different locations of the world. 

Admission Requirements

The application process and requirements vary for different programs. It is fully online. You will need to submit the supporting documents as per the program requirement. The required GMAT score is in the 80th percentile for admissions. The average GMAT score is 709. The conversion of this score to GRE is 315-325. Insead looks for a strong academic record with a creative mind. To know more in detail about your preferred program, click here

Scholarship Opportunities

Insead offers a limited scholarship for its students. They offer scholarships on two bases – Financial need and Merit. One-quarter of a batch is granted the scholarships. The scholarship applications need to be completed within the interview stage of the application. You can apply to a maximum of five scholarships. Additionally, Your application quality will affect the scholarship grant. There is also scope for student loans. Many students apply for these loans to get through their studies. Prodigy Finance is one of the notable ones. Insead boasts successful and diverse alumni. Their alumni are stretched over 170 countries across the globe. 

Insead is a great option to look into for your graduate school plans. If you have a fascination with business and management with a strong educational background, you should look into Insead.