During this unprecedented time, things may feel out of control. Finding yourself homebound for a long period can lead to a lot of disruptions. Study preparations for exams during this time can be challenging. You will need to go through a lot of adjustments to allow yourself to be fully focused. Studying from home can be easily distracting. You might find yourself not as motivated or productive as before. Some of you may struggle with academic stress. But that is normal. Making a plan may help you feel even a little sense of control. Here are some tips on how to prepare for exams while you are stuck at home during COVID-19.

Create an environment to tune out distractions

A proper study environment will allow you to maintain concentration and focus. If you want to study peacefully you have to choose a place with minimal distractions. Try to keep your study place clean and properly ventilated. After creating the perfect environment for your studies you need to focus. Try to tune out the noise being made by everything around you. Prepare yourself with your headphones and your chosen studying music to tune out all the unnecessary sound. 

Establish a schedule 

You can plan and schedule your study time alongside other daily activities. Make sure that nothing interrupts your routine. Remember to include time for exercise and self-care. Time management is vital in exam preparations. An established routine can provide that much-needed structure and keep you motivated especially during COVID-19. Having a daily routine will encourage you to get the work done. 

Set realistic goals

Setting your goals according to your potential is an important step. Having realistic targets helps you to focus better rather than getting anxious over unrealistic goals. Realistic goals will assist you in getting your priorities sorted. Set out short-term goals. Put effort into working towards specific goals with an effective study plan. When you come up with your study plan, make sure to plan for what you can achieve. Because if you don’t, you may fall short and lose motivation.

Make the most of study materials available 

You may not have access to all the necessary tools during a time like this so it is important to take notes during the online classes. Turn your attention to the class content and get help from the internet like websites and apps. You can record your professors’ lectures so that while studying it is easier to understand the lessons better. Rewriting your lecture notes helps you remember the context properly. You can use some free blogs and websites for better preparation. 

Stay connected and discuss with your peers

Discussing with your peers on what you learned helps you in many ways. Stay in touch about classes and exam preparation every couple of days. You can share notes. Staying connected with a study group or fellow students can help you check your progress and exchange necessary knowledge while contributing to healthy competition. 

Avoid multitasking 

Try to plan your daily routine in a way that you can focus on one thing at a time. This way you will have enough designated time later for completing other tasks on your to-do list. If you are focusing on more than one thing your time becomes less structured. You lose track of your daily responsibility which in turn can demotivate you. 

Reward yourself 

Focusing on exam preparations especially during a pandemic comes with many difficulties. If you manage to study and succeed in following your daily routine, be sure to reward yourself. For example, the reward could be an extra hour of watching a good movie, eating a snack or a dessert, taking a long bath, nap, or anything else that you enjoy. This will reinforce your concentration and good study habits. 

Take regular breaks

Studying for hours after hours can make you exhausted and disrupt your concentration. Take regular breaks to keep your brain from getting all worked up. These study breaks can be vital to enhance learning capacity. You can take a short break after every hour of studying. Use these short intervals to do the things you enjoy the most. During the breaks you can work out, listen to a song, or relax for a few minutes. These short breaks will make your study preparations more efficient and productive.

Preparing for exams during a pandemic requires strong determination. Those of you who can stay focused and adapt to these strategies will come out of this successfully. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself and try to be patient. Taking care of your well-being is very important during a time like this. Don’t forget that this is temporary. After this settles down, you will find your way to get back on track. Always be positive, believe in yourself, and keep yourself motivated to achieve your goals.