Looking for some fun blogs to help with your studies? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. 

The web is filled with education based content today. They are helping the students overcome their fears and issues in different subjects. From teaching you ways to become more productive to solving your mathematical equations, these blogs have it all. They provide a wide range of niche, profession, and teaching content. In this article, I will present some of the great blogs to follow on the web. 


AskPeterson is a dedicated education blog that works on improving student’s essay writing. The author Julie Peterson provides skills and knowledge on how you can improve your essay writing. This blog covers articles on several topics of essay writing. There are tutorials, recommendations, and sample essays for you to look at. This can be a great blog to work on your essay writing, especially if you are a prospective student applying to colleges. 

Thank You Brain

This blog provides insightful tips on how to learn faster. It is written by W. R. Klemm, who reflects on his learning on memory and the blog contains his research reports. The main focus of this blog is to improve your mental efforts. Because, if your brain functionality is improved, then you can work better. Everything in this blog is well researched, so there is nothing to worry about. Also, they have given access to their studies on which they have provided reliable statements. 

Math Only Math

Math Only Math is a website launched with keeping students of different age groups in mind. They have explained and solved several topics of mathematics. Every one of the topics provides sufficient knowledge so that the students can understand from the core. They have explained topics with examples, and there are also exercises for students to practice.

TeenLife: STEM

TeenLife: STEM is a part of the popular blog TeenLife, which focuses on education-based programs for the student between grades 7-13. Their supplement TeenLife: STEM blog is specialized in inspiring and interested students in STEM. Their blogs help students make decisions about various STEM programs. They guide you through the whole process of admission to different STEM fields by giving tips and techniques on various STEM study materials and programs. It is truly a great blog to enrich your STEM knowledge.

Hack College

Hack College is an educational blog that provides tips on dealing with college admissions and then the aftermath – college life. They suggest a solution to your different college problems such as coping with roommates, getting on your professor’s good side, part-time jobs, and other necessary stuff. They also provide knowledge on various digital application process that will help the students with their studies. 

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Do check out these blogs. I can assure you won’t be disappointed!