A common software used by most statisticians and researchers is Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) – currently known as IBM SPSS Statistics. Analyzing survey data and conducting statistical tests is made a lot easier by this software.

Four core functions offered by SPSS are: 

  1. Statistics Program: allows users to perform various statistical functions 
  2. Modeler Program: allows users to build models utilizing complex statistical functions
  3. Text Analytics for Surveys Program: allows users to analyze survey answers to open-ended questions
  4. Visualization Designer: allows users to present findings and data using various types of visuals.

Via SPSS a plethora of analytical tools can be utilized. This generates valuable insights for the users and lets them discover findings that may otherwise not be found. Here are some more reasons for you to spend some time learning this extremely powerful statistical tool: 

1. Easy Data Management

If you have worked with survey results or any other form of data, you have probably reached a point where you have been overwhelmed with all the rows of data. With SPSS, you can name the different variables and make the entire process of analysis a lot more organized. 

2. Quick Import of Data

Many of us are familiar with the famous spreadsheet software, Microsoft Excel. While

you can work with data in Excel and derive important information, SPSS makes the entire process a lot simpler as it specializes in data analysis. You can import data from different sources in just a few steps.

3. Fast Forecasting of Data

Using the forecasting module of SPSS, you can predict values and trends without being an expert in statistics. The process is both simple and fast. Not only that, if the data set you are working with has missing values, you can also fill in the gaps using the missing value module offered by SPSS. 

In today’s age, data regarding all sorts of activities are being analyzed. Organizations are developing various strategies based on these insights. You do not need to be a student of statistics to feel the need to learn this software. You just need to invest a little time and energy to upskill yourself. 

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