While virtual internships have become quite a common phenomenon among students, managing to get most of your time is not easily achieved. Internships can be found virtually everywhere, in any kind of industry. Adapting to a new work schedule can be difficult, especially if you are new to obtain some professional experience. The key is managing your time to get your tasks done and prove yourself to be responsible enough to handle bigger and more important tasks and projects. This article presents you with some time management tips to start utilizing your advantages.

Try time blocking

Time-blocking is dedicating a segment of time on your calendar for a specific task. This method allows you to concentrate on that particular task only, which improves your productivity. Blocking time gives you the motivation to get started with your projects. By planning and blocking out adequate time for the important tasks regarding your internships and studies, you will be able to prioritize your responsibilities accordingly. Blocking time on our calendars encourages us to focus on a specific task at a time and encourages a healthy work-life balance. 

Create and stick to a daily Schedule 

A schedule can be a useful tool so that you can make decisions on how to spend the time you have. This habit helps you plan everything from the start till the end of your day, so that you have enough time for self-care. A schedule can make sure that you set specific times for work on different projects and attend classes as well. Daily schedules help you know at the start of your day what you need to do and when, this can help you focus. If unexpected tasks come up and you need to make your plan flexible, this can also help you prioritize your tasks.

Focus on one task at a time

Multitasking can be an admirable skill but it also may mean that you’re only giving a portion of your attention and ability to one task. It takes years to master the ability of not being distracted by thoughts of one project while you are doing another. It is a smart decision to only take on one task at a time so that you can complete it to your full potential. Focus on getting one task done before moving on to the next one, this will increase your productivity. 

Get help from Time Management tools


There are four apps that you can use for time management. 

  • The first is Any.do. This app is a three-in-one organizer and allows you to set a to-do list, sync your calendar, and create reminders. 
  • The second is Outlook. This app is a very useful one when it comes to planning your to-do lists. 
  • The third is TimeTune. This is a scheduling app. You can use it to make a basic schedule for the week. It tells you when you have free time and for how long. It is a great app to get an idea of how busy you will be in the upcoming week. 
  • The last is Trello. You can organize your activities for the upcoming days by simply adding cards. Trello helps you put your tasks into lists with a clear view of your entire day. It is a perfect tool for planning what task to do next.

Make your own deadlines 

Try to learn what you should prioritize early, and make sure your to-do lists are in line with the company’s. You only have 24 hours in a day, so prioritizing is key. No matter how long your virtual internship is, you probably won’t have enough time to do and see everything you want. Prioritizing your tasks in the office will help you to be more effective and efficient. This habit wil help you stand out as an excellent intern.

Prepare notes 

Practice taking notes quickly but also neatly. Because lots of your communication will be done over video calls, where you will be assigned tasks. Make sure to write all the important details down of a project so you remember them when you start doing the task later. Writing things down and not exclusively relying on your memory will help you to stay on top of your responsibilities.

Remember to take breaks 

Looking after yourself is very important. To avoid burning out, plan your day beforehand and set out a time in your day to relax so you get time to recharge. Make sure that you get enough sleep because it helps your body recharge. You have to plan your work around our sleep schedule. Try to maintain a balance which is the primary purpose of time management. Living a balanced life and maintaining a positive outlook on the world can help you avoid stress.

Working from home means you are in charge of your time management. Proper time management can positively affect productivity. If the workload gets unbearable then never shy away from asking for help. Talk to your superiors and colleagues about sharing the responsibilities. This will solve a lot of problems. If you can manage to follow all the steps presented in this article, a virtual internship can be a very pleasing experience. Try to stick to your schedule and prioritize your wellbeing, be it physical or psychological. You can add your hack for time management in the comment thread!