Ever wanted to fight violence against women? Ever wanted to help the street children have a better life? Well, maybe you probably thought of forming a social organization then. But like many others, you may not know how you can do so. Don’t worry, we got you covered. The following are all the things you need to do to fulfill your dream of having an organization that will bring a positive change in society.

Fortifying your idea of a social organization

This is the first and most important step. See, the thought of forming a social organization starts with an idea. To illustrate, Jhilimili was born from the idea that.

“the street children are deprived of the facilities we have, and they should get what they deserve.”

However, it is important that you commit to your idea. Honestly, it is the worst if you give people hope and leave halfway through the project. That is why you need to be completely passionate about bringing the positive impact you longed for. Here’s a story on this. 

Noorin Suhaila Asjad, the founder of the Oroddho Foundation, completed her studies from the Vanderbilt University of America. However, instead of doing a job, she set afoot on the path of stopping violence against women by founding the Oroddho Foundation.

Therefore, you need to be with the organization properly to make it ready for the long haul. Nevertheless, if that isn’t possible for any unavoidable reason, at least have a proper succession plan.

Finding the right team

You got the idea, you got the commitment, but you can not do everything alone. That is when the need for a “team” will come. Not just any team though; you need a team that aligns with your purpose and understands your philosophy. So, how do you find the right team? Simple! Start searching for the people you know best, who are most likely your friends. Let’s go for another real-life story to understand this properly. 

Tashfia Anika, one of the co-founders of Jhilimili, started helping out children with her friends. She formed a team of creative people, can think strategically, had prior experience, and most importantly, shared the same purpose. Together they gathered street children roaming on the campus and took rudimentary classes under Bottola of Kala Bhaban.

But what if you don’t have any friends who have the same dream? Or worse enough, what if you don’t have any friends at all?

Well, then you just have to do some research on some people. Not calling it stalking cause that will make it sound creepy, but yes, technically, that’s what you’ll have to do. Here’s the detailed plan.

STEP 1: Search for the right people on different platforms, preferably Facebook. If you want an organization to fight against domestic violence, look for people who actively protest it on Facebook and are willing to do something about this out of the virtual platform.

STEP 2: Observe the person keenly for some time and see if he or she truly pertains to what they preach. Gain information about the person from common friends.

Step 3: Build rapport and talk to them to obtain a better understanding.

So, if every criterion gets a tick, then Voila! You have a new teammate. However, despite all that research, they might turn out to be the wrong people. But don’t lose hope and keep on trying. 

Making the right organizational structure

Now, you have the most amazing team anyone can ever imagine, but you need to divide this team properly. You must define the work of your teammates to ensure greater productivity. How do you do it? Usually, there are 3 main teams in a social organization – Operations, Marketing, and Finance. Here’s a short illustration for you to understand what role each team can play to administer a social welfare plan.

Moreover, each team can be divided into different sub-teams. For instance, the marketing team can be divided into 3 sub-teams.

1) Content team

2) Graphics design team

3) Video team

Now, you have to evaluate who does what best and divide the team perfectly to reach the landmarks.

But wait! You still missed a vital team, something that most fledgling organizations ignore, and that is an HR team. Why? Well, remember that you can get the wrong person in your team even after your most impeccable research. If that happens then, your HR team can easily find out by monitoring all the employees regularly. Therefore, an HR team or HR individual is required to ensure that your employees are doing what they promised to.

Getting your social organization registered

Your organization needs to be registered for surviving in the long run. The good part is that the government bodies have their websites where necessary information for registration can be found regarding registration. 

The bad part is that you may not still find all the information on the websites. So ultimately, you may have to hire a lawyer who, most likely, will charge you a hefty amount. But don’t worry, we got you covered here as well. You can take free legal assistance for your social organization from iprobono. They operate with the vision of making justice attainable for all and provide holistic legal consultation for social organizations.

Managing organizational activities

So, you finally have an actual organization, and you are ready to start your activities. Now, it’s not possible to give all directions for the plethora of activities social organizations do. However, some pro-tips can help you handle the usual activities better. So, here goes.

Pro-tip 1: Keep track of your activities. For instance, Jhilimili uses a spreadsheet to track the progress of the street children they teach. Moreover, they maintain regular contact with their students’ families to help overcome any hurdle that might balk the student’s education.

Pro-Tip 2: Collaborate with other organizations that have similar goals. This will facilitate a greater impact together. For example, TransEnd, and EMK Center recently collaborated to raise awareness against the oppression of transgender people in Bangladesh.

Pro-Tip 3: If you deal with sensitive content then, always have a contingency plan. There will always be drawbacks that will renounce even your most positive views. So, have a plan ready to fight back the plausible backlash.

That’s about everything you need to know about starting a social organization. All the best in your endeavors to bring a positive change in society.

Here’s a last inspiring quote for you-

“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.”         – Napoleon Hill.

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