Crowdfunding has become very popular now especially among the youth. It enables us to raise money from a large pool. Not only is it easier but also a faster method as you can just set up a project online. In this article, I will talk about the 5 best crowdfunding platforms. 


Kickstarter is very famous among creative, tech entrepreneurs. They get funding for their venture through this platform. The company started its journey in 2009 and as of January 2021, it has funded more than 197,425 projects. 

Key Points – 

  • You will need to get approved before launching your campaign on the site. 
  • There is a 5% fee charged for every transaction. 
  • There is a fourteen-day waiting period after the user can raise sufficient funds. 


Causes is a crowdfunding platform that works for social, cultural, and political issues. It has 186 million users across 156 countries. Causes work as a nonprofit that aims to make a difference in the world.

Key Points –

  • Users can collect pledges, donations and raise awareness with their donors. 
  • You can advocate for animals and the environment as a voice against the injustice happening. 
  • There is no fee in here. 


GoFundMe fundraisers are quite a common sight on social media websites. You probably have seen a few by now. They are mostly set up for charity or emergency purposes however, they can be a good setup for business endeavors too. 

Key Points –

  • You can keep every penny you raise in this fundraiser. 
  • There is a 2.9% processing fee for every donation. 


IndieGoGo is supporting tech innovations, community projects, and creative works. Indiegogo works as a platform where early adopters get special advantages and price flexibility to hit the mainstream. 

Key Points –

  • There are two options to choose from – Fixed and Flexible. Fixed crowdfunding as you probably guessed from the name requires an allotted amount while flexible will benefit from any fund. 
  • If you are unable to meet the goal set in fixed crowdfunding then the fund is returned to the respective donors. 
  • The processing fee is 3% of every transaction. 
  • The minimum goal for both fixed and flexible is $500


Patreon is for digital creative, like bloggers, podcasters, YouTubers. The site has over 200,000 creators with more than two million Patreon. 

Key Points –

  • The site works a little differently from usual crowdfunding sites. It works as a subscription-based method where the users offer content to their fans. Here, the users form a relationship with their fans through their work.
  • The pledgers can cancel their subscription if the creators don’t produce any content. 
  • The platform takes a 2.9% fee for every pledge they make. 

Check these crowdfunding platforms out for your next project!