For many people, artificial intelligence seems distant and fantastic, something that exists in science fiction or in advanced technology laboratories. However, “science fiction” is in fact much closer to our everyday lives. 

A lot of common things that are common to most people and are capable of implementing at least slightly more complex than basic “if … then …” functions can be attributed to AI. For example, automatic doors work on the principle of if something falls within the range of the camera/sensor, then the door opens.

And while robots that can perform only “if … then …” actions were once able to take over the duties that require physical labor, modern AI gradually begins to replace humans in “intellectual” positions as well. In other words, it is beginning to look like the answer to the iconic question “Can A Robot Write a Symphony?” from the movie I am Robot will soon be yes. So, let’s find artificial intelligence jobs to understand risks, know tendencies, and widen the horizons.

Customer service executive

Future automation will not require customer service executives.  Such specialists do not need to have a high level of emotional or social intelligence. Hence, many companies already let AI deal with clients, answer their questions, and provide some sort of assistance. Actually, you might have already noticed that chatbots are an important part of customer service, at the moment.


There are so many publications that tell about robot surgeons who performed very difficult operations worldwide. It means that only a little time is required to decrease the number of people working at hospitals. Robots can carry out more accurate treatment in comparison to humans. The chances for sharing infection are also reduced in this case. Robots almost do not leave any space for human errors. They do not need to overcome emotions or focus on the right things.


Proofreading is an important part of a stunning text creation that should be done after the essay writer finished the text. Incidentally, with the rise of AI that can generate unique texts, an essay writer might also become an AI job. But let’s get back to proofreading. Although editing is a more difficult and responsible task, proofreading can be easily performed by dedicated apps. They will identify grammatical, spelling, and the rest of the mistakes. AI programs will also provide hints on how to improve content quality. Currently, Grammarly is one of the most popular apps. Specialists worldwide use it to get rid of errors and boost the overall quality. 


Despite the size of the hotel, auto check-ins will easily replace receptionists. Just recall modern food joints, where people can place an order via special tabs or communication screens. It means that future robots will easily carry out ordering and the rest of the related functions. You will arrive at the hotel, check in on your own, and avoid filling in numerous papers.

Security guard

Will robots take over the world? Yes, they definitely will. For example, AI has already introduced impressive changes in the physical security field. Have you heard about Yelp’s security robot? It can quickly and easily check the overall building with an advanced camera. If there is any suspicious activity, the robot will use an infrared sensor and a directional mic to warn you. According to the recent statistics, this sector may be completely automated in the future.

Bus/taxi driver

Have you already heard that self-driving cars are already here? Soon they may become completely autonomous vehicles and drive people where they need to go. As a result, this sector may be fully automated in the near future. It looks like taxi and bus drivers will not be required at all. Who knows, maybe this way, the number of car accidents will greatly decrease.


Armies may consist mainly of robots that will replace military professionals. Such soldiers can perform all orders and still not be supervised. They will easily cope with intelligence, surveillance, and other tasks. We can’t disagree that, it seems promising since fewer people will put themselves at risk.


Today, it is difficult to imagine a delivery industry without numerous economic and social enhancements. There are different supply chain and logistics functions that have greatly changed the entire sector. For example, robots and drones are actively replacing courier services. The experts predict incredible changes in the manufacturing industry. 

And this is not just the idea of some futurists, in some countries, it is gradually becoming a reality. For example, the world’s first pizza delivery by drone did not happen yesterday or today, but five years ago – the pioneer was Domino’s pizza delivery drone in New Zealand. And while Amazon’s drone delivery service is slowly falling into decline, Forbes writes that many businesses are finding the benefits of using drone delivery trucks. It also reports that delivery drones will appear en masse in Canada and Europe sooner than in the U.S. because the relevant regulation “is too far behind the times”. 

Market research analyst

Perhaps every organization is striving for research analysts. Such professionals perform market research to boost the overall business performance. AI robots can provide comprehensive data, proving that humans may be excluded from this area. 

There is no publicly available information that “big company A fired all analysts because of the use of AI,” but there is every reason to believe that this is the way things are going. For example, according to, the Market Research Analyst’s position has a 100% chance of replacement by AI in the not-too-distant future. At the same time, industry publications claim that the use of artificial intelligence in market analysis can reduce the time spent on certain tasks “from days to seconds“.


This area has more chances than other sectors to be crowded with AI robots. Most people working in this niche realize it well. AI can easily take over their jobs. Smart robots can even partner with scientists in the pharma labs and provide a safer environment. Simply put, scientists will not have to risk their lives anymore.

Summing up

The great impact of modern technologies can’t be denied. And while people may have different views on the fact that robots will gradually replace humans in some or even many positions, the fact remains that this process began quite a long time ago and there is no reason to say that it will end yet.

We can already see the first changes and replacements in many sectors. But of course, some jobs won’t be automated. Among them are software developers, graphic designers, scientists, human resource managers, psychiatrists, project managers, event planners, etc. It doesn’t mean that everything will happen in one day, and all current specialists will lose their jobs. It seems like AI will take over many industries step by step, as a transition from one model to another requires time.