Freelance work online can be a great way to earn money on the side even if you are working on location or remotely. You will get the opportunity to get a foot in the door in the industry you are interested in and build up a portfolio of work for future prospects. There are some great websites that can help you find work as a freelancer. Looking for a freelancing job can be an exhausting task, as there are options for everyone in almost every trade. This article will guide you to find your niche in the marketplace.


This site is a good option whether you are seeking a short-term or a long-term opportunity and boasts over 1.5 million clients. There are a wide variety of options like web development, graphic design, freelance writing, and many others. On Upwork, freelancers create profiles outlining their skillsets, experiences, and their portfolios. Clients post job listings with the details about their projects and what they’re looking for in a freelancer. You can check this article for tips on freelance writing.


Guru is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It is designed to attract more expert and professional clients and freelancers. Guru has many options available such as web development, writing, architecture, and so on. This site has an authentic feel to what they do and values transparency on their freelance platform which makes Guru a reputable source. Their job postings communicate what a project entails.


This website is the largest crowdsourcing platform with 50 million registered users as of 2021. Freelancer’s job listings cover many different aspects of design jobs. There are jobs that can match your skill level, and then you can apply to your chosen openings.


Unlike some other platforms, in Fiverr freelancers create their own jobs based upon what they are good at by posting listings. Freelancers on Fiverr get the opportunity to market their services to companies. You can put your gigs into categories by using keywords that show up in different searches. Per project on this site starts at $5, or in increments of $5. Fiverr focuses on micro-jobs, like customizing bits of WordPress code or writing or editing short articles.


Toptal is a marketplace where you can find the top 3% of freelance talent. Most freelancers on this platform get paid between $50 and $250 per hour. There is a screening process that requires experience checks and an interview. Jobs posted on Toptal typically are targeted toward finance and software development. The Toptal freelancers’ community regularly holds unique community gatherings and technological events. Their exclusivity sets them apart from other freelance websites out there.


FlexJobs doesn’t only provide a platform for freelance work, it is also suitable for every career path. It provides flexible job opportunities and screens job postings before putting them on its site. This platform is designed to save job seekers time while presenting detailed descriptions of every company. You can browse through job posts in a variety of career fields. On Flexjobs freelancers will have access to great resources like webinars, which will train you on how to land better clients.


This UK-based company markets itself as a platform that pairs clients with designers in a precise way. Job listings are aimed at web projects for marketers, web developers, SEO specialists, and software engineers, video editing, online advertising, copywriting, etc. PeoplePerHour aims for a streamlined process. First, a client inputs the important details of their project. Then the data is sent through an artificial intelligence program that analyzes it and matches the best possible client with designers. PeoplePerHour is free for freelancers with up to 15 proposals to clients.  


Designhill is a virtual marketplace for those who specialize in digital work, especially graphic designing. The interactive environment allows clients to give feedback that helps designers to have a better understanding of the client’s preferences. Freelance designers on Designhill can create their portfolios and employers can create a project contest. They can also seek out freelance services through a search box right at the top of the landing page of this website. Check this article on designers and contests.

Of course, there are multiple other websites to get yourself a perfect opportunity. The options presented in this article are great avenues to use if you are searching for a new job. A freelancing job provides you with freedom and flexibility in choosing your next work. Try to make the best of this opportunity.