Climate change is one of the most significant issues for our generation. The repercussions that we are dealing with right now or might have to deal with later due to climate change is truly horrifying. However, each of these consequences is a result of our (mostly our previous generations) doings and negligence. 

The present generation is well aware of the climate change issues and they are trying their best to deal with the blunders of the previous generations. Here I have listed some professions through which you can contribute to climate action. 

Environmental Engineer

Environmental engineering is for people who are constantly coming up with solutions to various issues. Your problem-solving skill and curiosity will help you seek solutions to various climate change problems. As an environmental engineer, you will be able to develop sustainable projects. You will carve out efficient solutions and systems challenging climate change. 

  • To become an environmental engineer, you will need to complete your undergraduate degree in civil, chemical, or environmental engineering. 
  • The median salary for an environmental engineer is $88,860.


If you have a good interest in math and science with a knack for fighting climate change, you could become a climatologist. The work of climatologists includes studying weather patterns and the effects of carbon emission on climate. As a climatologist, you will get the opportunity to work with research institutions and government institutions. 

  • To become a climatologist, you will need a bachelor’s in climatology, meteorology, atmospheric science, or a related field. People who wish to pursue the research field go on for Masters and other post-graduation degrees. 
  • The average salary for a climatologist is around $51,000.

Environmental Lawyer

Whenever I see the words, environmental lawyer, I remember Marshal Erickson from the series How I Met Your Mother. The passion he had to save the world through his job was truly admirable. If you are passionate about saving the world and want to contribute to climate action, then an Environmental lawyer is a good and viable option. The goal is to represent environmental interests. You will assess the damages caused by offenders. The main work is to protect the environment at any cost. 

  • To become an environmental lawyer, you must put yourself through law school. So, plan your academics accordingly. 
  • The median salary of an Environmental Lawyer is $113,530. 

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability Consultants are becoming an important part of the workforce as more and more businesses wake up to the harsh realities of climate change. Sustainability consultants work on solutions for businesses to strengthen their environmental sustainability plans. 

  • To become a sustainable consultant you will need a bachelor’s in any business degree or, sustainability. 
  • The average salary of a Sustainability consultant is $80,272. 

There are so many ways we can contribute to climate action plans. We can start by voicing our concerns against the injustice around us, educating people around us about the consequences of climate change. There are so many youth activists around us who are glowing examples of how powerful youths can be. I have listed a couple of professions through which you can work on climate change. Hope you find these helpful!