Do you know how much time you have to create an impression on the recruiter through your CV or resume? Only 6 or 7.4 seconds! No matter how many potentialities you show in your CV or resume, this written document may not be enough anymore to get you through the interview doors. You need something more significant and attractive to get their attention by the moment they read your application or emails. That’s why a video resume can help you stand out among others in today’s job market.

What is a video resume?

Video resumes are the innovative form of conventional CV or resume, helping the recruiters to get the first impression before the interview phase. A video resume can often be the critical aspect where recruiters decide whether they should offer you an interview session. Although video resumes may not entirely replace the conventionally written equivalents, they are becoming more relevant.

What is the issue with conventional CVs or resumes?

Recruiters get hundreds of CVs and resumes every day. To sort out this massive pile of copies, they only skim through them with keywords relevant to the job description. For the smart use of time, HR personals prefer to use ATS or Applicant tracking systems. In simple words, it is a software framework that facilitates the automated management of recruiting and job requirements.

ATS checks the content of a resume by categories and keywords recruiters specify. It helps them to determine whether or not a candidate should pass along for an interview session. On the other hand, 86% of recruiters say that having an ATS has allowed them to recruit more rapidly. However, even with that, a promising candidate can fall behind the line. It happens because recruiters only set specific criteria that a candidate may or may not have-but deep down; that candidate could become a valuable resource.

The situation has become tougher with the pandemic situation that has made the CEOs hire fewer people. Now a company only looks for the best among the best that can make better use of their resources. They don’t need someone to be good but who can add significant value to their organization. Therefore, a gorgeously made CV or a job description-related content won’t fully suffice to get you through the interviewer’s door. 

Why do you need a video resume?

A traditional resume will only show a limited version of yourself to the recruiters. Iit has always been difficult for the recruiters to differentiate you from the other candidates with the same structure. In these circumstances, to be different, you have to do things differently. That is where a video resume comes into play.

According to a recent survey, more than 2000 recruiting managers were asked about their video resume preferences. Surprisingly, 60% of them were keen to see the video resumes of the candidates. But why did they prefer so? When you send a soft or hard copy of your resume to employers, you follow a common practice to qualify for a position. However, sending a video representation is a different matter. As recruiters, they will see your extra effort, giving them a purpose to provide you with the chance to be interviewed. A video resume creates a more favorable impression in hiring managers to understand your inner potential.

Every applicant wants to show himself or herself in the best way possible to get the desired job. However, in the crowd of thousands of applicants fighting for just one position, you need to stand out among them. I know that not every recruiter will find a video resume amusing, and you may feel frustrated if you are a camera-shy person. Even with that, you should think out of the box and leave your comfort zone, which is also a demanding skill in job markets. Rather than sending a page full of irrelevant achievements, deliver the recruiters something to get them to know the real you.