In the last article, I briefly summarized the concept of a video resume and explained why it is becoming instrumental in getting the attention of the recruiters. But, you may have questions like how exactly a video resume will help me to get the attention of the recruiters and increase my chances of getting selected. Check out the benefits you will get with a video resume as summarized below: 

It makes your information more relatable

You may not have done it, but often applicants fake their information in resumes. Let’s say a vacancy requires that you have to have public speaking skills. However, it is hard to determine how much expertise you have, even if you mention that specifically through a written document. With a video resume, a hiring manager can visibly see your competence and put you with better marks. Thus it will make your information more relatable.

It gives the hiring manager a comfort

People always want instant gratification and get their work done in the easiest way possible. As I mentioned before, a hiring manager gets hundreds if not thousands of CVs or resumes every other day. Whether in the form of soft or hard copies, it takes much time to sort out these documents and organize them properly. If you send them a video resume along with the conventional one, it will relieve them from skimming through the resume or turning to ATS. Also, your application will carry more preference than others for presenting yourself differently.

It showcases your enthusiasm

Recruiters fulfill a complicated operation of finding a suitable candidate with a constructive outlook towards the possibility of filling the role. However, a piece of paper cannot show the recruiter your enthusiasm and passion for that position. When you are excited and determined about something, it is tough to hide that. That’s why, with a video resume, the hiring manager can understand whether or not you want that job.

It proves that you are tech-savvy and creative

Being tech-savvy is not a hobby anymore. It is one of the essential job-oriented skills. Sending a PDF or word doc of your resume is so 2010’s. However, recording a video along with editing proves that you are comfortable using technology. Also, the possibilities of showcasing your creativity with a video resume are endless. Who knows, you can get directly recruited without facing the interview board with your creativity!

It gives hints about your personality and character traits

Are you an extrovert or introvert, or even better, an ambivert? Whatever personality you have, a recruiter will get the hints about it through your presentation and confidence. You can also deliver a positive and good sense of humor, which can open your character traits to the recruiters.