Freelancing has established itself in the present world with its flexible working hours, remote work, work-life balance. The new generation who doesn’t like to get roped by the traditional job market does find freelancing appealing. Students have taken a greater interest in freelancing right now. A little extra cash besides their studies is not a bad idea. Many students have taken freelancing work as their part-time jobs. Although the work is appealing, it does have its share of disadvantages which often gets under the shadow of all the hype around freedom, flexible working hours, and easy cash.

In this article, I have tried to highlight some of the downturns of freelancing work. 

Irregular payment

Freelancing jobs come in the form of projects. You can juggle multiple clients. However, the payment stops when the project stops. The probability of having a soaring income one month and no income the next is relatively high. Though freelancers get used to it and go to their saving mode, knowing that an amount will come to your account every month is a great comfort. 

No employment benefits

There are many employee benefits you get while working for a company. I am talking about holiday or health benefits, insurance, paid time off, retirement benefits(that’s a long shot). However, when you are working as a freelancer, you don’t get any of these benefits. As you are self–employed, you are solely responsible for your finances, healthcare, insurance. These benefits given by companies do cover a lot of financial aspects, which alone would be a hefty cost and work to deal with.


Erratic routine

The routine of freelance is often inconsistent and messed up. Though the flexible working hours are enticing, your workload doesn’t always allow the working hours to be flexible. You need to keep working until you finish the work as everything here is your responsibility. You might end up working throughout without having any time frame. 

Getting scammed 

If you are a new freelancer in the scene, you might fall into different scams. New freelancers eager to find a job don’t always do background checks on their clients. Then there is also the matter of less pay. The payments of freelancers vary according to expertise and experience. It is effortless to scam a new freelancer. 

Unreasonable clients 

You won’t always find reasonable clients in this work. Unreasonable clients are probably the most significant drawbacks of this industry. If you are freelancing for some extra cash and have other responsibilities, then these unreasonable clients can mess up your life. In freelancing, the line between rational and irrational demand is very thin, and the clients cross it very easily. For instance, asking for constant service, not understanding that the person on the other side has a life, not paying enough for the work they are demanding, not to mention the clients who don’t pay in time. 

Deciding to work as a freelancer is a big step. A lot of people take up freelancing as a part-time gig. However, as someone currently working in the freelance market, I believe you should know all the cons and the pros before making the final decision.