Good Python developers are in huge demand nowadays. As Python is gaining popularity, more and more developers have started to learn Python. To stand apart from these masses, you must learn and master some skills that not all developers have. Having knowledge about these skills will give you an added advantage. You would be able to solve the challenges in an easier and better way.

We have listed below 8 of the most important skills that a good Python developer should possess.

1. Knowledge of Python Frameworks (More the merrier)

Python has a lot of frameworks like Django, Flas, Web2py, CherryPy,, and many more. So, it is a must for a Python developer to have knowledge of frameworks. However, Python developers don’t need to know them all. Mostly, developers learn and use Flask, Django, and CherryPy. It is pretty obvious that you will come across at least one of the frameworks while learning Python. These frameworks help in defining code structure while identifying the core logic of the app. 

So, it is mandatory to know and have a good grasp in at least one of the frameworks. But if you know more, it will help you handle complex projects or projects that demand specific frameworks. Mostly, experienced developers have good command over multiple frameworks. If you are planning to be a Python developer or looking for a Python developer, knowledge about frameworks matters a lot.

2. Good Command Over Python Libraries

Python is known for its collection of libraries. It has a lot of native and third-party libraries. If a developer is well-versed in Python libraries, it can help them in numerous ways. Like simplifying database programming, file system access, building lightweight web apps, and working with GUIs, images, Word files, eBooks, etc.

3. Knowledge of Frontend Technologies

It is a myth if you think your job as a Python developer is only working with backend technologies. Developers usually need to interact with front-end developers for the client side to match with the server side. 

If you are working on a bigger project, you might have to coordinate with the UI/UX team, Project Managers, SCRUM Masters, and more. If you have knowledge about frontend technologies like CSS, JavaScript, HTML, etc. it will help you make them understand your requirements. So, developers with knowledge of frontend technologies are in high demand.

4. AI and ML

Data science proficiency is essential while dealing with large volumes of data. If you don’t have the ability to visualize, gather, examine, and understand large data you might not be able to justify the project. Python is best while building data-intensive projects. So, as a Python developer, you must upskill in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).

5. Deep Learning

Once you have mastered the basics of AI and ML, Deep Learning is the next stage. Deep Learning is learning audio processing, recommendation systems, image restoration, image recognition, natural processing language, and more. The processes used in deep learning are similar to the ones used by our human brains. If you are a Python developer and finding it difficult to use deep learning knowledge in your project, you can hire remote programmers as well. 

You can easily find experienced developers online. They can help you find ways if you feel stuck. You can also seek help from the Python community. Python has a huge community of developers, and they are always ready to help their fellow companions.

6. Analytical Skills

A good Python developer is expected to be a keen observer and provide ideas and solutions for complex requirements. You need to write accurate codes and have a complete idea about the algorithm. As a Python developer, you must be able to visualize data sets and design creative and interactive websites. Analytical skills are additional skills that differentiate good developers from others. It defines a developer’s image as a problem-solver.

7. Developing Multiprocessing Architecture

Multiprocessing means systems supporting more than one processor at the same time. Multi-processing systems have smaller routines in them that run independently. The OS then allocates these threads to improve the performance of the systems. Thus, a Python developer must know and use the MVC and MVT architecture. 

8. ORM

ORM (Object Relational Mapping) is a programming method to access a database. Basically, it displays the database in a series of objects without you writing a command to insert or retrieve the data. It simplifies the usage of databases. 

Python developers can customize the ORM tools according to the project requirement. So, having knowledge and experience about such skills differentiates you from others. There are a lot of Python developers but not all have all these skills in them. If you want to stand apart from the masses, you must master this skill.


Tech giants like Google, Netflix, YouTube, Quora, Pinterest, and more are using Python extensively. Inspired by this, a lot of companies have started or wish to use Python for web development. So, there is a high demand for Python developers in the market. If you master the above-mentioned skills, you would be able to handle any complex project.