According to the academic definition: Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary academic field that is devoted to analyzing gender identity and its representation in the social sphere. This discipline mainly associates itself with the “rise of feminism” and the empowerment of other marginalized cultures and identities. A gender studies major is well-versed in diversity, representation, race, class, sexuality and most importantly, equity. 

In the past, education and research were considered the only sectors availing vocational opportunities for a gender studies major. However, with the passage of time and the advancement of this discipline as a whole, people studying gender can now access a wide range of options to prosper in their careers. 5 such interesting career options for a gender studies student are mentioned below

Gender Specialist: 

Every year many non-governmental organizations and multinational corporations hire gender specialists to assist their clients with information about gender dysphoria, gender identity, gender nonconformity, transphobia, and how it manifests in real life through counseling sessions. They also provide technical and program support services. Since this field of work relates directly to an aspirant’s subject of study, it is easier for them to fathom the responsibilities and operate. 

HR Coordinator: 

Are you looking for career opportunities that are more hands-on with the corporate world? Then a job as an HR might just be the one for you. A human resources coordinator is a specialist who handles administrative tasks for a company’s human resources division. They help HR managers with hiring, keep track of employee information, aid with payroll processing, and support all employees with administrative tasks. A business degree is not essential to get appointed to this field of work. However, you do have to start as an HR assistant first and then move as your promotions happen.  


The creative industry is always welcoming people who want to flourish and show their dedication to the cause of social change. Every year a huge number of films, television programs, documentaries, and other media portraying delicate societal issues are being produced. These presentations serve as both a good source of entertainment and a means of increasing public awareness. A gender studies major can use their understanding of such particular topics to their advantage and produce films that can advance the cause. Although a degree in film production would be preferable if you want to further secure your future in the field, there are monthly paid courses you may take as a substitute. 

Public Policy Analyst: 

The field of gender and public policy formulation offers one of the strongest career pathways for all gender studies graduates. Whether it be in the fields of development financing, human rights, international peace and security, urban and social policy, or environmental and energy policy, a public policy analyst always promotes gender equality. Students can apply to governmental, non-governmental, international organizations and think tanks to avail this role. Moreover, they can sign up for internship programs relating to this area to gain some experience beforehand. 

Legal Professional:

Lawyers, often known as legal experts, are licensed professionals who offer legal counsel and representation to juristic and non-juristic individuals. They give advice to clients, conduct legal research, create legal paperwork, and stand in for clients in criminal and civil court cases. You can enroll in a professional law program regardless of whether your bachelor’s degree is in gender studies or international relations. Students who major in gender studies are given preference because of their practical understanding of the pressing concerns that have been and still are affecting society.

The Takeaway

Therefore, feel free to diversify your career alternatives if you are a gender studies major and wish to work in several fields. You have a huge selection of possibilities right at your disposal!