The GMAT, also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test, is designed to test a student’s math, writing, verbal, and analytical skills. Candidates take this exam so that they can be admitted to a graduate management program, such as an MBA. A good score on the GMAT helps students to stand out during the graduate application process and helps them get into the college of their dreams. However, candidates may find the GMAT difficult. This article presents you with some free online resources that can help you prepare for the standardized test. 


This website has covered each section of the GMAT test extensively. On this website, students can find sufficient advice and guidelines on how to prepare for the exam. Applicants will find GMAT Practice Test, Study Plan, and Free Live Online GMAT Classes. Their GMAT Practice Test includes Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal sections with practice questions. Their GMAT Study Plan will navigate candidates through each exam section featuring videos. The Free Live Online GMAT Classes are a sample course that provides students with key strategies that will help them get good scores. Candidates can also check out their forum and blog sections for additional information.

Free GMAT Resources by Manhattan Prep

Manhattan Prep is an online platform that offers free live test prep courses for the GMAT. The site offers students the ability to try 5 free GMAT prep lessons to see if they like the lesson planning before officially starting the prep course. The platform also provides multiple full GMAT practice tests so that candidates can practice and see what the test will be like. There is also a GMAT forum on the website that allows applicants to come to ask questions on anything related to the GMAT. 

Free GMAT Prep Course by GMAT-Free

GMAT Free offers practice questions that are similar to the ones students will face on the main exam. On this website candidates will have access to more than 800 realistic practice questions and over 600 review lecture videos. The first module of this free online GMAT course will be guiding students through how to plan their studying and how to effectively prepare. 

Comprehensive GMAT Prep by e-GMAT

e-GMAT is an online platform that contains over ten hours of efficient video lessons related to the GMAT. The website also provides four hundred practice questions that are similar to those on the GMAT. The website also includes another feature which is AI-driven tools that track the progress of the candidates. Students will get to challenge themselves with personally-made questions based on what they struggle with. e-GMAT claims that their prep materials allow students to absorb their material in 40-percent less time.

Veritas Prep

The GMAT Practice Test by Veritas Prep gives students realistic questions along with computer-adaptive scoring which will give them an experience like the real GMAT exam. The GMAT Question Bank presents applicants with hundreds of GMAT questions written by experienced instructors. Their GMAT Video Solutions provides students with solutions to many challenging questions taken from the GMAT Official Guide. 

These are some great resources for GMAT preparation. If you are planning on taking the GMAT, you will find these free websites useful. Adequate preparation is necessary to achieve a high score on difficult exams like the GMAT. So, work hard towards your dream!