Not too long ago, I was an international student in one of the leading universities in the UK. I know how difficult it can get for international students to select a country and a university for higher studies. From my research and experience, I have summarized 11 points which should make the UK one of your top choices for higher studies. 

Let’s begin, shall we? 

Quality of education

It is needless to say that UK universities have an undisputed reputation for academic excellence and offer an inclusive culture of intellectualism. Moreover, world class education is combined with a rich history and tradition ensuring a well-rounded experience.

Study your dream subject

The UK universities offer a variety of subjects that cater to the interests of the students. From a very specialised course like Egyptology to professional degrees like MBA, you can study almost anything at UK universities. 

International recognition and acceptance  

Having a degree from a UK university can open opportunities for an international career.  A UK degree is recognized anywhere in the world and will be a testament for your quality as a professional. 

University degrees in a short amount of time

UK degrees are shorter despite being of higher quality and rigour. You can obtain a bachelor’s degree within three years which gives you an early entry to the job market. You can avail a master’s degree just within 12 months (in the US you will require two years) and a Ph.D can be achieved in 3.5 years (of course if you are A* student). Obviously, this does make the courses highly intensive and does increase workload immensely. 

Part-time job opportunity

Another plus of studying in the UK is that foreign students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during term and full-time during the holidays, something that is in stark contrast to many other countries. 

Student’s well-being support

 Studying at the UK universities can get stressful for international students and the universities understand that. Thus, there are now extensive student support services that help one navigate through the stresses and strains of university life, lending an attentive ear and also counselling. 

Career support and recruitment fairs 

Most universities have dedicated career support centers that help aspiring students to get into jobs. Helpful courses, such as CV writing and interview skills, are frequently offered to help every student. Besides, universities and cities regularly organize career fairs for their students. 

Opportunities for extra-curricular activities

Most universities offer extensive opportunities for students to get engaged with extra-curricular activities. Whether you are into debating or sports, you will have something to get connected to. If you don’t,  you can start your own society or club too by mobilizing your friends. 

Special support for international students 

To support the needs and demands of the international students, there is an international office at universities who are constantly available to help you, from the early steps of attaining a visa and documents required to the latter stages of helping one secure jobs. 

Scholarship opportunities for undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D students 

British universities offer scholarships, grants, and bursaries for both home and international students. International scholarships, specifically, tend to differ from university to university and areas of focus. 

Major governmental fully-funded scholarships for international students include the Chevening scholarship, the Commonwealth scholarship and others which have specific eligibility criteria and application process. 

Post-study Work Visa

Beginning in 2020, the Post-study Work Visa scheme was introduced to help international students to work after their graduation. Students will now be given a two-year long Post Study Work (PSW) visa for them to work in any field that they would want to. 

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