I am sure you have heard about TED, right? You probably remember their iconic tagline, “ideas worth spreading”. 

The short, powerful, and thought-provoking talks have inspired millions and Nafisa Zoarder from the Circle team thought of summarizing the top 10 TED talks just for you! 

1. How great leaders inspire action

The celebrated leadership expert and author Simon Sinek discusses what it takes to inspire people around you. He sheds light on the power of  ‘why?’ and how it has been a tool for inspiration for many great leaders. 

2. The power of vulnerability

We all have our vulnerabilities, which we often do not accept or acknowledge. But, Dr. Brene Brown urges the audience to accept vulnerability as it is what makes us human. She reveals the connection between shame and our sense of belonging.  This powerful talk can surely help us understand who we really are. 

3. Looks aren’t everything- believe me I am a model 

Cameron Russels shares her experiences as a model, shares her thoughts on the truth behind the superficiality of images. She confronts the common view we have on beauty and our bodies. Her honest confession compels us to think of the difference between ‘real reality’ and ‘constructed reality’. Sounds deep, right? 

4. What Makes a Happy Life? Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

Professor Robert Waldinger puts up the findings of one of the longest-running researches on adult development, labels fame and wealth as temporary fixes and healthy relationships and social bondings as the true keys to a happy, healthy, and long life. Trust me it’s quite a revelation! 

5. The Happy Secret to Better Work

Contrary to the common belief, Shawn Achor explains positive psychology and the importance of being happy in the present rather than thinking certain actions in the future will make you happier. He argues that a positive brain increases productivity and chances of success. Not convinced yet? Watch it now and leave your thoughts below. 

6. The Orchestra in my mouth 

Tom Thum takes you on an adventure to explore his unique talent of mimicking different musical instruments by just using his voice. Talk about talent, right? His talk continues to motivate young artists through his performance and wisdom.

7. 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Communication can be quite daunting for many. Writer Celeste Headlee emphasizes on the importance of conversation in the 21st century and shares her thoughts on how you can better and effective conversations. Check out if you want to hone your communication skills. 

8. A Saudi, an Indian, and an Iranian Walk into a Qatari Bar

Maz Jobrani entertains Doha with his quirky take on the Middle East, the western world, and humor. His satirical approach aims to debunk some stereotypes revolving around Arabs, or Muslims, or brown people in general. It’s quite a talk for edutainment! 

9. Depression, the secret we share

Andrew Solomon gets intimate with his audience, shares his experience of talking with people who suffer from depression. He paints a picture of the darkness of chronic mental disorders. He questions our understanding of such diseases and shares why and how he found light in his darkest days. 

10. A 12-year-old programmer 

Thomas Suarez proves that learning has no age. He encourages educators to use the curiosity of children to equip them for the future. 

We hope you enjoy them as much as we did and take something away for yourself. 

If you have enjoyed any other TED talks, do let us know in the comment section below!

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