If you feel extremely exhausted, both mentally and physically, and have no motivation to continue working, you may be suffering from a burnout. The burnout epidemic is a vital issue for this world now. People are being urged to take initiatives to strike a work-life balance to avoid this state of mental exhaustion.

One person who has figured her formula to avoid burnouts is Arianna Huffington, the co-founder of Huffington Post and the founder of Thrive Global. For a corporate lady and author of 15 books, stress may be expected to be a part of her daily routine. However, that is not the case for Arianna Huffington. 

Here are some activities that help her avoid burnouts:

1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Arianna Huffington wakes up everyday at 8 AM without any alarm clock. Even on weekends, her biological clock wakes her up after getting 8 hours of sleep. Adequate sleep prepares your body for the day and keeps you energetic. Hence, fixing a proper sleep schedule that allows you enough rest is vital.

2. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

Exercise is a part of Arianna Huffington’s everyday routine. On weekdays, she paddles her stationary bike for half an hour and then does yoga for around 10 minutes. On weekends, she spends some additional time on these activities. A morning exercise routine helps people get focused and positive and is advocated by many successful people. 

3. Avoid Using Your Phone All the Time

One would expect someone in Arianna Huffington’s position to be glued to her mobile phone or laptop all the time. However, that is far from reality. Before getting to bed at 11 o’clock at night, she turns off all her electronic devices. Not only that, she keeps them outside her bedroom.

Phone notifications are not the first thing that she checks after waking up. Once on her stationary bike, only then does she go through her emails.

4. Begin and End Your Day Properly

Arianna Huffington strongly believes that how you start and end your day has a strong impact on your daily life. These two periods heavily influence the rest of the hours of your day. Hence, getting a fresh start and ending on a calm note are two things you should aim for. 

5. Read a Few Pages Before Slumbering

Reading non-work-related material such as poetry books is Arianna Huffington’s preferred way to end her days. She prefers traditional physical books to electronic copies.

It is not that Arianna Huffington never endures stress. It is simply that, unlike many of us, she does not let stress slip into her everyday routine. While the same formula for living a stress-free life may not work for everyone, an inspiration for creating your very own formula can be taken from everywhere. 

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