Consumerism is owning and buying products more than you need. We all get tempted by all those sale signs and offers. However, consumerism is not a healthy habit as you are cluttering with things you don’t even need. Sometimes you might be doing it mindlessly. Consumerist habits don’t allow saving even though you are putting in your fair share of time and energy. You see yourself in debt and that’s the start of a very unhealthy lifestyle. 

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways you can stop consumerist habits. 


Sometimes we need to stop, take a look around, and reevaluate. All these things you are buying, are they worth the money and time? When you paint the picture with only the things you have and what you might need, you will understand if you have any excessive demands. 

You need to understand your weak points and work on those. For instance, stress makes you buy more. Or some specific emotions that make you want to shop. You need to evaluate those weaknesses and then you will find a greater solution to your consumerist habits. 


Very often we just look at the store price and buy it. However, there are many other hidden costs that we overlook. You need to add in the time, energy, travel, and others too in the cost. Then you will understand the harm you are doing. 

Also, many items seem like not much (price-wise). We keep buying them without keeping any track. If you make a total of these untracked purchases, you will understand how much you have been spending. Next time when you are in a store, include in every possible cost of the product and keep track of everything you buy for one month. Make a monthly expense report and that will probably stop you.  

Challenge yourself

Sometimes consumerist habits are hard to control. You find yourself stuck in a loop of buying and spending on things you barely use and need. At that moment it is important to challenge yourself. 

You can set a limit on your habits. For instance-  no shopping for a week or decreasing the quantity. Increase the time slowly. Don’t expect results within a couple of works. Start with short-term goals and then step slowly towards the longer-terms. 

Practice charity

We should practice generosity. If we take a look around our consumerist lifestyle, we will see we have more than we need. We can give a lot of these away and still live a very comfortable life. Practicing charity will help you lead a content and happier life. 

It is not necessary to always give away. You can also share a lot of your things. Clothes and other accessories can be a good start. Remember you need to share, not lend

Don’t get tempted

There are a lot of advertisements and other schemes around us. They tempt us to move from our goal. You will need to stay strong and commit yourself to divert from overconsumption. It won’t be easy but it can be done. Yet, you need to commit to yourself again and again. If advertisements tempt you, stop watching them. 

You can also practice gratitude. Practicing gratitude will enable you to value the things you have now. It will teach you to be more appreciative. 

Start by practicing these techniques and if you have any tricks by yourself, please send them our way, we need them.