After a certain age, it’s hard to change ourselves. Changes occur when we face a big trauma, heartbreak, life events, or a material change of life. Changes can make one of us a positive or a negative mentality person. Let’s discuss how to overcome any changes in our constant life and make the best out of them.


Many of us regret with a question that “why me?” or “why does GOD choose me to go through this pain?”. Not necessarily all changes are negative. Some sweet changes are being a mother/father or being married. We need to acknowledge the change and remind ourselves to go through it. We can’t expect to be the old one that we used to be before the change takes place. Go with the flow.

Good change can cause stress

It’s ok to feel stressed. We always want to meet the success level in all our relationships. That’s not necessary. Just be empathetic to others as well as yourself. Try to maintain some basic routine such as doing YOGA or physical exercise, praying, exercising hobbies, talking to the person you love the most (your mother/father), etc. Breathe in and out when you feel pressure. 

Mindful eating

Overeating causes health issues and health relates to the mind. Whatever we eat, we need to keep in mind that are we enjoying the food? How much food is necessary to eat? are we wasting food? We need to be fully attentive while eating and be grateful for the amazing taste of it.

Break from social media

In our subconscious mind, we compare our life to others and forget that everyone has their own battle to fight silently. We need to understand that everyone’s journey in life is far different from one another. Maybe someone watching over us and wishing to get the lifestyle we have right now.

The healing power of nature

We have many things to learn from nature. Have we ever observed a tree that grows new leaves leaving the old one? Have we ever walked barefoot on the grass or ground? If yes, can we feel the smile on our face and connection with the environment? Trees also have ups and downs when they have no leave in a particular season. Another season, they are full of leaves with flowers or fruits. Nature has great healing power without any word. They just give us the vibration of happy feelings. Try to feel it with closed eyes. 

If you feel out of control, it’s okay. We do not live to impress others and fulfill all of our expectations. It’s all right to do less than others. Don’t make your life a battlefield. Take a break from all chaos. Be calm and composed to deal with every situation.