Many of us make ‘New Year Resolutions’ every year and set new goals to accomplish. But we can’t continue to be productive during the whole year and fail to achieve our desired goals. Being productive throughout the whole year needs knowing to do the right thing in the right way within the shortest time and continuing the process.

Here are some tips which will help you to be productive every day.

New Month, Better Me

Are you the one who has a new year resolution, but you can’t stick to it throughout the year and lose motivation gradually? Here is a technique for you. Chunk your goals and make your resolution monthly.

Setting goals monthly will help you to focus on the work of that particular month. Hence, you will be less distracted and procrastinate less. Moreover, a productive month will boost your motivation to be productive for the next months. As a result, you will be productive during the whole year.

New year, New Me

New Month, Better Me

Manage Your Time with A Tomato

Do you struggle to concentrate on your work for a period and can’t complete your works within deadlines? No worries. Here is a solution for you. Use the Pomodoro technique. Pomodoro is an Italian word that means tomato. Break your workday into 25-minute chunks and take a break for 5/10 minutes after every chunk. Each chunk is a Pomodoro.

On average, a person can concentrate for 25/30 minutes; after that one starts to get distracted. The Pomodoro technique will arrest your attention for 25 minutes and every 10- minute break will pump you up for your next Pomodoro. As a result, you will procrastinate less and get your work done easily.

Get Your Tomato Now

Monitor Your Progress

Chunking your resolution and time will help you to achieve your goals gradually. However, you must remember to monitor your work and progress. Journaling is the best method for monitoring. At the end of each day, journal your work, learn your progress, and reflect on your mistakes.

Monitoring your progress will help you to understand whether you are doing the right thing in the right way. As a result, you will learn from your mistakes, and knowing about your progress will increase your motivation.

Change Your Life

With A Journal 

Pulse and Pause

Congratulations! This month you have worked hard, managed your time, and monitored your progress. Now it’s time to take a break. End of every productive month you can take a break of 2/3 days. It will refresh you and motivate you for the next productive month.

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Remember to Pause ||

Be productive for the whole year, continue the process, and thrive in this new decade with a better you.