We all are familiar with writing, aren’t we? From writing the first letters of the alphabet in our childhood, to writing paragraphs or letters when we grew up- this form of art has always been a part of our lives. But we often fail to realize how beautiful and vast the concept of writing actually is. In my eyes, writing is not only how we put a bunch of words together for them to make grammatical sense. It is a way to express our true self, a way to discover and rediscover the smallest joys of life. And here are a few reasons why I love this form of art, and why ‘writing’ is what I am writing about for you to read!

Solace to a heavy heart

We all have those days when we do not feel like talking to our closest friends or to even get out of bed. Moreover, there are times when we, ourselves, fail to understand what is bothering us. The heart feels low, and the mind feels lazy. These are the days when my journal and a pen become my ultimate rescuers. I take out a blank page and write any word that comes to my head- regardless of having to worry if the words make any sense at all. Just allowing my heart to pour down on a blank canvas- because there is no one to judge, no one to tell if I am right or wrong. And as the words keep getting penned, the heart keeps feeling lighter and lighter. The best part is it is not absolutely essential to use pen and paper for this job. Typing and keeping notes in my digital devices- my phone or my laptop, is equally helpful. According to the American Psychological Association, “Writing is no stranger to therapy. For years, practitioners have used logs, questionnaires, journals and other writing forms to help people heal from stresses and traumas”. Writing works like a therapy, it feels like a warm cup of coffee on a random weary morning.

Self-expression at Ease

Each one of us are unique human beings, with our own ways of finding comfort. While some of us love to talk, hangout with friends and rant away the things that trouble us, there are also some of us who find it easier to express themselves through typed words- not spoken. Yes, I am talking about the introvert few among us. And because I am one of them, I have had some of the most meaningful one-on-one conversations with my closest friends through typed text messages. The expression of thoughts in the form of words, somehow has this secret magical attribute to it. And this attribute makes communication feel easier and comfortable.

The Simplest Form of Expressing Love

The most ardent feeling in the world has to be the feeling of love. Writing is a gesture that began hundreds of years ago, still remains to be one of the simplest- and yet most beautiful ways of showing love. The beauty and simplicity of penning down words for a loved one, is an act that each one of us find undeniably special. It takes comparatively less effort but holds within it a deep feeling of warmth and care. Some of the greatest love stories of the human race began with love letters and writings. Musicians have written music, poets have written poems and writers have written books to express what love is, and the meaning it holds to them. As Oscar Wilde once mentioned in his novel:

Mere words. Was there anything so real as words?

Whenever and However

As this writing slowly comes to an end, I would like to point out one of the most beautiful aspects of ‘writing’. And that is, this simple form of art does not require a specific time, place or any form of precision to perform. I like to correlate writing with freedom. You can take a pen and paper, or just your digital devices, and link up words in any way you want. If you want to write a poem, so be it. If you want to write a story, so be it as well. And if you only want to throw random words in a blank piece of paper to make yourself feel light, you are all free to do that too. Language, grammar, punctuation- nothing works like a barrier here. In this vast world of goals to achieve and workplaces to attend, writing is that one form of art that flows within a soul with the utmost ease and comfort.


If you have read this far into this piece of ‘writing’, I hope my words could inspire you to sit with that notebook on your table, or the notepad on your digital device sometime soon. You are cordially welcome to the world where we sew one word after another, to create our own unique and beautiful masterpieces. The only difference being that- instead of a needle, we use a pen in this form of sewing!

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