Pronunciation: Se-ja-ku

We often feel overwhelmed with everything life throws at us. Seijaku helps us navigate the worries and adapt to a calmer state. Sometimes we need to get out of all the hustle and take a deep breath. We all know how important that is.

What is Seijaku?

静寂 meaning tranquility and silence

Seijaku is linked to tranquility and peace. The most common analogy made to explain Seijaku is to imagine taking a walk in an open space of a Japanese garden. It tries to explain the calmness that you feel inside you at that time. 

Seijaku is often described as a state of energized calm. It is a state of mind where you are calm through physical activity or mental activity. 

How to Implement Seijaku in Your Life?

Seijaku has also been approached in interior designing encouraging homeowners for open spaces. You could start with your room – Remove all the unnecessary clutter or take small furniture. Try to create open spaces and embrace them. 

You could take a walk at your terrace or garden or a park. It helps you keep a calm mindset while juggling your life. 

When you are feeling pressurized at your work, you could step outside and take a break. The same goes for studies.

Final Thoughts 

I think Seijaku is a great concept to adopt in your home and in your life. it helps you create a close bond with nature. With everything that is going on around us, we truly need to prioritize our peace above everything.