Pronunciation: Kan-so

A lot of people are now intrigued by the idea of a simple lifestyle. A simple living means finding beauty and happiness in less. It means not to indulge in the excess of anything. The idea of Kanso will help us to lead a better and happier life as we tone down all the clutter and waste. 

What is Kanso?

簡素 meaning simplicity

Kanso is a Japanese term that means to live a simple and clutter-free lifestyle. Kanso encourages us to keep our lifestyle and our house as simple as possible. It works on cutting out all the extravaganza of things and embraces simplicity. 

Kanso comes from the Japanese philosophy Wabi-Sabi which teaches us to embrace imperfection and accept what we have. Kanso is one of the seven pillars of Wabi-Sabi. 

How to implement Kanso in our life?

You can implement Kanso by adopting a minimalist approach in your home. You can check out Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo is a Japanese essay writer who appropriated the method of tidying up. It encourages people to get rid of things that don’t give them any joy. 

You need to remember that everything is temporary. Then you can adopt this philosophy in your life. It will help you get rid of things that are really not necessary. The clutter-free lifestyle will certainly enable a clean and peaceful mind. 

I am far from achieving Kanso in my life. However, I would like to put it out there for people to know about it. I want people to understand it and think about it like me. At one point, we will try and implement this in our life.