If your job requires you to work with data or if you enjoy analyzing data, Power BI is the tool for you. Microsoft Power BI allows users to extract important insights from data and illustrate the findings in a very organized manner. 

Power BI is deemed very easy to use and it can also be accessed by many devices. There are even mobile applications – both iOS and Android versions – allowing users to work data without having to carry a bulky device.

There are many reasons why you should spend some time mastering this tool, so here are a few of them.

1. High shareability and connectivity

With Power BI, you can load data from a variety of sources and that too, within minutes. You can merge data from the supported sources without needing to know programming. This means that you can finish a task at work without the assistance which you previously might have needed. Moreover, you can simply drag and drop files, reducing the time needed to spend on copying and pasting. 

Sharing your created dashboards with your peers also becomes a piece of cake.

2. Variety of data visualization tools

How the insights generated from a data set are presented matters a lot. Not everyone is a statistician or can easily interpret what certain figures mean. To make it possible for everyone to grasp the meaning of datasets, Power BI has numerous data visuals which are highly customisable in nature. 

You can utilise the visuals created by the Power BI community or create your own from the scratch.

3. Integration with Excel

There are many functions common between Power BI and Excel. However, if you have used Excel in the past, you probably are aware of the software slowing down. Excel tends to slow down while working with large data sets, taking more of your time to finish your tasks.

Power BI is rightfully named so as it is such a powerful tool that it takes a minimum amount of time to finish analysing huge data sets. If you’re familiar with the interface of Excel, then using Power BI will be even easier for you. 

4. Q&A feature

Power BI allows users to ask data-specific questions due to its Q&A feature.  Various suggestions will appear just as you type along with previews of charts and other visuals of the data you may be after. 

Credits: Microsoft

The mobile application even supports voice recognition to make the user experience even better.

Microsoft Power BI opens a world of features to its users that save people valuable time. Have you used Power BI? If yes, how has your experience been?

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