There is nothing more annoying than unstructured data all across your computer. Organizing your data will give you a more productive workspace. There are two types of research analysis – qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative research software explains and interprets the situation in meaningful content while quantitative research software works with numerical data.  This article will give a list of some of the most useful research analysis software for both qualitative and quantitative research.

Qualitative Research Software

Qualitative research software helps in product development by understanding the customer requirements, competitors’ latest trends, etc. This software provides the necessary tools to help with the research. Here are some of the best ones out there. 


NVivo helps its users to analyze and organize their data. They find insights from the unstructured data. Through this software, users can save a lot of their time. Working with qualitative data is time-consuming and software will help in that regard. They import articles, transcriptions from their management software. They will organize, store and retrieve your data in a short time. 


  • Relationship coding; 
  • Review finding with coding stripes available;
  • Matrix coding system available.

Price: NVivo pricing starts at $1249. 


Businesses often require the big picture to understand the market and their customers. ATLAS.ti is a perfect solution for them. Through this software, you will find the deepest insights. Their powerful qualitative data analysis software will give you the tiniest details about your research ground. You will be able to modify the SmartGroups and  SmartCode. They offer many flexible layout choices. 


  • Unicode throughout;
  • Twitter, Evernote, Endnote can be imported directly; 
  • The tool can be positioned freely.

Price: ATLAS.ti pricing ranges between $1840 to $93500. 


Quirkos thrives to provide a unique experience for its users. They help their users to understand transcripts, articles, and surveys. Their visual interface allows quick coding. The consumers can code various sections of data and compare themes with other sources. Quirkos offers CAQDA integration for its users. It is reviewed to be the easiest CAQDA software to use till now. 


  • Live visualization;
  • Low license.

Price: Quirkos price ranges between £450 to £510 for commercial enterprises. For the government, it is £410 to £460.

Quantitative Research Software

There is a lot of software for quantitative research in the market today. Quantitative research is dominated by statistics. This software provides descriptive statistics and works with complex ones. They also provide reports, charts for all the data. Doing these works manually would be extremely difficult. Also using software increases credibility as there might be a mistake with numbers. Here are some of the best quantitative software. 


STATA produces robust analysis. They provide precise results for which they are popular among researchers. Also, it is highly user-friendly. STATA is suitable more for data science. It will provide data visualization, manipulation, statistics, and reporting. 


  • Linear models are available;
  • Object-oriented programming available;
  • Python integration.

Price: STATA pricing starts at $48.

SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

SAS works with analytic solutions. They transform the data into intelligence. Additionally, they offer data management, advanced analytics, and predictive analytics. The data is altered, retrieved, and then managed for users from several sources. They work with DATA steps (retrieve data) and PROC steps (analyze data). The data can be published in several formats including HTML, Excel, PDF, RTF. 


  • Offers graphical point and click user interface;
  • Business intelligence;
  • Social media analytics product.

Price: SAS pricing starts from $800.

Check these software mentioned above for your next research project!