Are you feeling overwhelmed with online classes? Do you feel like you have no energy left to continue these classes? Well, welcome to the club. 

Online classes have been mentally challenging. I, myself have been struggling with classes, assignments, assessments. When you factor in those dreaded deadlines, your stress will skyrocket to the moon. I have been trying some techniques to help myself with these classes and stress. Since they have been really effective for me, let me share some of them with you. 

Connect with your peers and teachers

There is almost no physical interaction in online classes. With time, a sense of isolation starts to develop among many. At that moment, healthy communication can help. You should reach out to your peers and teachers. Try to stay in touch with them and talk about things, anything. This also helps you with your studies and different institutional problems as you discuss the problems. 

Connect with yourself

With everything that is going around us, it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Moreover, the stress of higher education can be daunting be it online or offline. In times like these, you need to keep your mental health a priority. You need to identify the indicators of stress and try to integrate different stress management techniques into your routine. Do things that you love. For me, writing really works to channel my stress. It can be exercising, painting, cleaning, or reading  for you. 

Do the class in a calm environment

 Always try to find a calm and quiet place for the classes. Surroundings can play a key role. You are bound to feel stressed and cranky in a noisy environment. Do the classes in a suitable calm place where you can hear and interact when required. This will give you a more physical class vibe. 

Manage your time properly

Sometimes there are days like, you are sitting in front of the screen and the whole day just flew by. You find yourself with a pile of assignments, and you wonder when did all these happen?

Time management is a crucial factor especially in online classes where you need to stay on top of everything. You need to set your own reminders. Here is a list of some time-management apps that will keep you organized. 

Focus Keeper

Power Planner




Pause for a moment

Continuous online classes can be monotonous. Sitting in front of a screen for hours does take a toll on your health. Take breaks in between classes. You can go for a walk, a tea break, exercise – just anything that will give you the energy to do the rest of the class. If you force yourself to just sit there for hours, it won’t do any good. Sometimes you need to pause. This is a great way to manage your stress. 

You can try these five techniques in case you are struggling with online classes. If you have any personal techniques that work for you, do share them with us.