Are you looking for better ideas to unite your remote teams with virtual team-building activities? We won’t be surprised if you are! Apathy, unproductivity, and isolation are only a mere fraction of the issues underlying remote work, it is also eroding trust among coworkers. 

The solution?  Virtual team-building activities. 

Virtual team building activities aim to create and enhance harmony between remote teams from virtual birthday parties, games, and events to online cooking sessions.

Let’s look at a few tried and tested virtual team-building exercises: 

Virtual Book Club

Although we are working remotely due to coronavirus restrictions, it does not mean we can’t connect with our co-workers. A virtual book club is a team-building idea that can benefit your remote teams in many ways.

You can assign a book to your team members and ask them to discuss it in future virtual meetings. If these books are related to your business, then you are at an advantage. Moreover, discussions on books will help your team broaden their perspective and find creative ways to do their work.

Icebreaker Question and Game

Icebreaker is a game or event that intends to make people more comfortable. If you want to warm up your remote teams in a virtual meeting, an icebreaker can be the best choice. It usually takes place at the start of meetings and can be a great source of recreation.

There are many ways in which you can incorporate icebreakers as your virtual team-building activity. You can start your virtual session by asking questions or add more fun by playing a game. In this way, you will be able to make your remote team members more attentive.

Having a Movie in Virtual Meetings

If you want to increase your team members’ morale, this is one of the best activities. Your remote team will get more comfortable with these activities. Additionally, you can allow your team members to comment in the chatbox while watching a movie.

Suppose it is a funny movie. Then some of your team members will surely fill the chatbox with humor. As a result, other team members will also participate, which will make the session livelier. 

Some innovative apps let you watch movies together virtually without hassle, try:

Bucket List Idea Sharing

Every person has a dream to fulfill in their lifetime. So why not take the time to share it with others? This will help others in understanding your motives and might even help in getting rid of negative thoughts.

You can tell your remote teams to prepare a bucket list and ask them to share it individually in the virtual session. Once the lists are ready, make someone read them. Encourage your team members to discuss this list and ask questions to add more fun.

Virtual Party 

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, gathering and social events seem unlikely. Thanks to the internet, you can still find moments to cherish. You can use events like birthdays to wish your team members and participate in their happiness. This will improve team understanding and build better engagement.

Online Team Games for Remote Workers

As a manager, you need to make the remote team members more familiar with each other. One of the best ways to introduce them to each other is through online gaming activities. You can ask the teams to play a game such as DIY challenge, Trivia, or Bingo in their virtual meeting break.

Here are 3 popular online team games for your virtual team building activities:

  • Truth and Lie

It is a simple game in which one person writes down two truths and one lie about themselves. Teams have to guess the truth from fiction to get points, it’s an excellent way for employees to know each other.

  • Scavenger Hunt 

In a digital scavenger hunt, people usually ask their group members to find a specific piece of information, such as the best company for Internet Marketing Services. whoever finds the best item first, wins. 

  • Trivia

When it comes to games, there is nothing better than trivia. The team members get an opportunity to get a closer look at their co-worker’s interest in this game.

Virtual Team Building Activities for Remote Teams in 2021: Final Thoughts

Team building activities are necessary to keep your remote workers engaged with each other. Otherwise, with time their relationship will fade away. So by introducing team-building activities in your virtual sessions you can ensure better team engagement. It can also promote the productivity of your team.  If you want to know how productive is working from home? Find the answer in this article!