Jane Austen has always made sure her heroines are confident and fierce, an anomaly at that time since women’s social circumstances were not favorable. In this article, I am going to talk about one of the most iconic literary creations of Austen, Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Pride and Prejudice. 

Now a little backstory on the protagonist of this article – Elizabeth Bennett. She is the second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. She was born in a home and society where marriage decided the fate of young women, where women were molded only with the sole purpose of marriage. And in a home of five unmarried women, and a mother like Mrs. Bennet, marriage was always a topic in Elizabeth’s house. However, Elizabeth did not bow down to the stereotypes.  She didn’t let a man decide on her future. She said no when it was necessary and more so, did it in the most humble, sarcastic, and witty way possible. 

Here are 5 reasons why Elizabeth Bennett is a role model – 

She is confident 

One thing that always strikes Lizzy to me is confidence. She will never be demeaned by anyone. She is confident in herself and that does seal the deal for me. 

She is Vocal

Lizzy is often put down by people in her surroundings owing to her family status and lack of propriety if I say. However, she never lets those biases get in her way. She is vocal about them and lets others know when they are rude. Be it Mr. Collins, Lady Catherine, or Mr. Darcy. 

She is witty

Lizzy’s wit and intelligence are surely one of her most loving traits. Those witty and clever comebacks to Miss Bingly, Lady Catherine, and Mr. Darcy is what made her fans love her even more. 

She owns her mistakes

No one is perfect. Lizzy too has made mistakes with her hasty judgment and sometimes those witty comebacks. However, she owned her mistakes and tried to fix those. This is what a role model does! 

She has morals 

We have often seen morals being compromised for money. However, that is one thing that differs, Lizzy. She always puts her morals before. She is not tempted by money or appearance. She doesn’t fall to any misconstrued conformity society, her mother or the mighty Lady Catherine de Bourgh sets for her. 

You should remember my bias towards Elizabeth on writing these points. So you might not agree on those and it’s okay. 

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