Facing an interview can be daunting and takes a considerable amount of preparation to ace it. Whether you are a novice or a pro in this matter, your success in any interview depends a lot on your preparation. Here are a few steps that you can follow before facing any interview:

Do your research thoroughly

Have a clear idea of the program or opportunity you are applying for. Where to start? Visit the official website first and learn the basics of the opportunity and the organisation. Once done with the basics, search for secondary sources (like newspaper articles) and social media pages that can give you important insights. While doing so, never forget to take notes. I still prefer the age-old paper and pen to take notes. 

Go through the application form

Go through the application form or other documents that you have submitted. Remember they have your documents, and you should have a very clear idea of what you have submitted to them. Usually the interviewer may ask the same question from the documents that you have submitted, and any inconsistency in the information may create a negative impression about you. This becomes a serious problem when you apply to multiple places and cannot keep track of things. 

Contacts who have faced interviews for the same program

If you have any friends or contacts who have faced interviews for the same program, do not hesitate to take help from them. Talk to them to get their personal insights, especially the kind of people they are looking for. They will be able to guide you through the interview process based on their experience. While every interview is unique, there is often a broad structure that interviewers follow to maintain consistency. And, your friends or acquaintances can become an asset for you in this regard.

Make a list of the questions

Make a list of the questions that you think the interviewer may ask you. What is the best way to do this? Put yourself in the shoes of your interviewer. Be critical and prepare a list of questions. Now, try to answer them. Remember you need to be precise, insightful and convincing. Writing it down may help you to prepare. If need be, take suggestions from the experienced while preparing your answers. They may help you to sharpen your answer. 

Now you need to focus on delivery

The preceding four steps will make you confident with necessary knowledge, and now you need to focus on delivery. Your delivery can only improve when you practice. Even if you have faced several interviews, practicing your answers in the mirror or facing mock viva with friends or family will always boost up your confidence. For a beginner, it’s a must. Surely, it can be awkward, but better to be embarrassed in front of friends than losing a life-changing opportunity. 

Enough with the talk and now, it is time to put what you have read into practice. You have already accomplished the first step by getting yourself selected for the interview, now achieve this too. 

All the best!

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