Internships provide you with an opportunity to apply your skills and knowledge in a workplace environment. You learn workplace etiquette and appropriate behavior through these. In addition, you get a taste of the work-life. In this article, I have mentioned some Internships in the social science field. 

Economics Journalist Internship

The Economics Journalist internship at A.N. Publishing is for people who love expressing their opinion through writing. Except this is a bit different. You won’t be drafting opinionated pieces. Instead, you will cover finance and economics-related content. In addition, you will be responsible for writing content related to financial advice, opinion analysis of economic data. 

This internship requires you to be adept at graphing economic data, writing financial reports, and commentary on several domestic and global topics. This is a complete virtual internship. In this 6-month-long internship, you will earn valuable experience along with the chance to increase your networking.

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Public Policy New Voices Internship

This Internship by Eurasia Group will provide you with a Political Rush Training Program (PRTP). Eurasia Group is one of the top political risk management firms. Through this internship, you will get to work with a dynamic research team. The work you are expected to do in this internship includes in-depth research, analysis of client-facing engagement. 

This is a virtual Internship. For applying for this internship, you will need a bachelor’s degree in political science, economics, international affairs, or a related field. In addition, you will need to showcase intense research and presentation skills for this role. You can apply anytime. They regularly hire in Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

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Youth Development and Education Internship 

The Youth Development and Education Internship allows you a five-week-long trip to Japan. However, it’s not exactly a trip. You will be placed in different international kindergartens or schools in the country. You will be responsible for teaching students e about the English language. In addition, you will help by teaching English to the kids, take part in music, theater, arts, and other games.

You will also help the local teachers making educational materials for children under your placement. Through this Internship, you will get a chance to experience Japanese work culture, increase your employability,  build a strong network, and gain new and practical skills.

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Human Rights and NGO Support Internship

Through this internship, you will work with NGOs working behind the disadvantaged communities in Italy. You will help with ongoing research, run and assist in campaigns and fundraising activities, and prepare reports for internal administration. In addition, this internship will give you a chance to develop research and writing skills, advocate for people, gain practice skills and build a network. 

The Internship is virtual, and you will have the flexibility to work. However, you need to be available for weekly meetings with your supervisor during office hours in Italy. Students who study law, human rights, international development, international relations, or a related field can apply to this internship. 

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These Internships will allow you to build a global network and learn new skills. You might even get a chance at a real job or a permanent position through these internships. Also, the network you will build through these will be beneficial for future endeavors. So do check these internships and apply if they meet your criteria.