Debating is a good way to encourage people to discourse over any specific topic in a constructive way. Usually, competitive debating is another type of sport where two teams consisting of three people compete against each other. Here, one team is known as the affirmative team and another team is known as the negative team. Debate is examined by the judges and they declare a team winner based on good presentation skills and most impactful arguments. To become a good debater, we need to know some basic rules and regulations of debate. 

Use of Language

You are going to communicate with your audience and judges through oral language. As a result, language will play a key role in your debate. Try to avoid monotonous voices as it is boring to hear and ensure vocal variety when you are speaking. If the situation demands, you can always adjust your tone and volume. You have to balance your rate of speech because the audience will lose interest in your argument if you deliver your speech slowly. On the contrary, due to fast speech, the audience will not be able to catch important points. By using formal language and diverse vocabulary you can also create a good impression about yourself. 


You have to show confidence and positiveness in your expression. You can also point out the weak points of the opposing team during rebuttal with humor. This will create a positive vibe about your logic among the audience and judges. Maintain good eye contact with your audience because this will help you to scrutinize the current situation. Good eye contact will give you the necessary estimation of whether your audience is confused or agreeing with you. Thus, will help you to win the debate. 

As a debater, you can’t disturb opponent debaters when they are delivering their speech. When you are debating you should also keep away from the radical displays of emotions like physical and psychological threats, insults, and cursing.

Use of Notes

Debaters can use notes during their debates. To win a debate you need to do research and collect evidence to prove your logic. Notes are very important in this case because notes will help you to express your views more briefly. You can also state statistics and evidence while you are debating. It is impossible to speculate which type of arguments will be made. So, it is wise to gather different types of evidence because they will assist you to deliver pragmatic arguments. To become a good debater, it is also important for you to notice the weak points in your arguments. Use notes to write them and this will help you to prepare for rebuttals.

Use of Arguments

The argument is a crucial part of any debate. You have to deliver your arguments logically. Try to solve definitional issues and illustrate why your definition is better than that of the opponent team. Also, try to focus on specific points which you think can be contentious. Always try to edit your arguments when it is necessary and demonstrate your arguments precisely. 

For example, when you are going to deliver your argument, try to give a short description of your topic because this will help your judges better understand your argument. After that, demonstrate why your argument is accurate and try to prove that the evidence that the opponent team has provided lacks credibility and you have provided better evidence through your argument. Lastly, don’t use any deceptive argument which has no credibility.


Teamwork is very important in debating. It is key for winning a debate and is very crucial when you are compiling rebuttals. Debaters in a team should make a plan about how they are going to implement their strategies. As a team member, you must scrutinize the weak points of the opponent team and discuss them with your other team members. This will help your team to obtain better opportunities for refutation.

So, always communicate with each other and try to make decisions jointly. This will create mutual understanding and respect for each other among yourselves. 

There are many benefits of competitive debating. You are going to learn many skills like research and public speaking skills which will help you in everyday life. As debate enhances analytical skills, it will assist you to analyze and solve any critical problems. All successful entrepreneurs and professionals possess this analytical skill. Debate trains us to become good listeners and also improves our note-taking capabilities. It broadens our views about any specific topic and it shows us both positive and negative aspects of that topic.