A vision board is a visual representation of a person’s ambitions. They are usually poster-sized graphics that include various images and text that display something you are trying to do. Vision boarding is a great way to define your goals and motivate yourself to accomplish them. It’s all about focus, visualization, and taking action daily. It is usually a self-made tool. Vision board assists you in thinking about what you desire to achieve in life. According to a 2016 study, one out of every five successful entrepreneurs utilizes vision boards. 

Visualization is influential because visual imagery has been a powerful means of communicating both abstract and concrete ideas for a long time. It helps to stay connected with your goals and aspirations. 

Vision boards are pretty easy to make. You only need a handful of items to build on yourself in a short time. E.g., A simple board, images, stationery, and crafts, etc.

In the modern world, while technology has made life pretty easier since decades ago, our lives are still hectic and are filled with chaos. It becomes challenging to stay on top of our plans and aims. A proper vision board that portrays what we want helps us keep in touch with them and gradually work towards them despite all the setbacks and obstacles to fulfill our dreams.

When creating a vision board, it is necessary to ensure it reflects what we want out of life and in the near future and, if wished, change the vision board’s contents as our aspirations and desires start to change. 

As a Business undergrad, I plan to graduate with good grades and become a CFA charter holder, and my vision board reflects the same. I work every day towards that goal, and the board constantly reminds me to do so and encourages me to keep working when idleness starts to get to me. 

The Vision Board can be a powerful tool to ensure that you get motivated to complete your aims and find success in your chosen areas.