“The Internet is so big, so powerful that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.”                                                                     

-Andrew Brown

I am sure most of us can relate to being lost in our smartphones for hours even though we have an impending deadline the same day. Smartphones combined with the Internet can overstimulate our brain, hence damage our cognitive abilities. What if you could spend time on your phone while simultaneously improve your cognitive functions to improve your daily life? With this concept in mind, a handful of games have been designed to keep your brain sound and healthy.


With over 10 million downloads, Lumosity comes to  the top of brain training games. It is created by a group of scientists and designers to enhance our brain’s skillfulness. At first, the game will ask you which aspect of your brain you want to improve. For example, you can pick memory, problem, math, etc. Then it will evaluate you on those certain aspects using their built-in mini-games. After you have played their games, you will get a training routine where it will assign a new game everyday. It is very easy to use and easier to make it a daily habit.

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2.CogniFit Brain Fitness

Did you know our ability to focus or to retain memory works the same way as building muscles? When it comes to bodybuilding you constantly need to increase the weights and repeat the process. Through this process, our body builds strength and resistance. CogniFit uses the same concept to train our brains.

This app consists of 10 challenges that evaluate your cognitive abilities and schedules these challenges every day to improve your cognitive skills.

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If you are an aspiring undergrad student like me, you’ll probably agree that reading, writing, speaking, and basic math skills are essential for most job offers. Unlike other brain-training games, Elevate works with the aforementioned four specific skills. It gives you challenges that improve reading comprehension, detecting redundancy in writing, reading speed, etc. So, If you are thinking about enhancing these specific skills, Elevate could be the perfect platform to improve without boring yourself to death.

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Oftentimes a task becomes ten times more difficult when there is no one directly supervising the progress. Peak is a brain-training game that focuses on exactly that. It has a unique feature called “coach” which works as a personal trainer. This feature called “coach” will find you the right workout at the right time. Apart from this feature, the platform for Peak is easy to use and sleek looking. Its 40 unique games perfectly combine “enjoyment” with “productivity”.

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Do you think the aforementioned games will help you? The only way to find out is to try them out yourself.