Remember, for any opportunity you chase, you have a thousand others pursuing the same. Thus, you need to be smart to make the most of every opportunity you find. From our experience in helping thousands of youth, we have summarized six points for you to be well prepared before applying.

Do your homework properly

Learn about the program. Make sure your interest aligns with what the program is offering. Prepare a list of what you expect from the program and check if you can get these.

Check their eligibility criteria

There are programs that are open to all, but also there are programs that set criteria for people who can attend. Before applying check if you fit into the criteria. Otherwise, your application may not be accepted. 

Have a look at their requirements

For some programs you just need to fill up an application form and some other programs may require documents like recommendation letters, test scores etc. Prior to the application, make a list of things you need to submit. If it’s just an application, prepare a list of what the application requires. This may include what the essays you need to write, and  information that you need to share with them. 

Make a complete plan for the application process

Write down a summary of the whole process. This will help you make the plan, keeping the deadline in mind. If you have any queries regarding the program, contact the organizers as soon as possible. Have your questions answered, submitting your application. 

Getting an expert advice always help with the application

If you know someone who has already been to the program you are applying for, talk to them. Ask for their suggestions, and if possible, get your application reviewed by them. A second opinion always makes your work better.

Don’t just wait until the last minute

Most importantly, don’t just wait until the last minute. Give yourself enough time for preparation. Set reminders so that you never miss the deadline!

While making the plan for the application process, set your deadline ahead of the actual deadline. Make multiple deadlines, like for your first draft, for getting a review from an expert, and for the final one. Spread out the time so that you don’t get overwhelmed with immense workload at the last moment.

With thousands of applicants out there, you need to give your best to achieve the goal you set for yourself. So, do invest sufficient amount of time before hitting the submit button.

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