I continue to learn, and I take advantage of self-improvement opportunities to grow — these have been helpful for how far we have come in our enterprise. I wish to encourage young emerging leaders to make the most of their knowledge and skills ~ Patrick Fynn

Patrick Fynn – The regional Coordinator of our Global Ambassador Program, is also a physician by profession. He is a youth development activist who also has a strong interest in primary healthcare, wellness, and public health.

Patrick faces myriad challenges every day in his profession. He remarked that inadequate access to health and a low level of awareness motivated him to become a social entrepreneur. 

In 2016, with a team of 15 clinicians and volunteers, he started a non-governmental organization “StandOut Care.” Through this, they aim to make free-to-affordable quality healthcare accessible for the marginalized population. Their beneficiaries include remote communities, orphanages, prisons, and locations with low or no health access. Their routine activities generally include medical screening, counseling, health education, donations, and advocacy. 

As part of their routine prison outreach program, amid the pandemic, “StandOut Care” donated personal protective equipment (PPEs) and hand sanitizers to a prison camp in Accra, aiming to help the correctional officers for improving their safety capacity.

Patrick is a proud contributor to universal health coverage, access to quality essential healthcare services, safe, effective, quality, and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all. His everyday work line is focused on controlling a wide range of diseases and addressing many different persistent and emerging health issues. 

Patrick strongly believes that the world needs to emphasize providing more efficient funding of health systems and improving sanitation and hygiene. He also emphasizes focusing on increasing access to physicians so that significant progress can be made to save millions of lives.

“Managing this venture is a daunting task— and offers unending challenges. However, it has been a successful journey with the support of a committed team and a strong will”, mentioned Patrick. 

Many young persons with energies need to be honed and encouraged to champion initiatives like this so that society can experience a cumulative effect. It is an effective means of sustainable development. StandCare is a perfect example of how a group of young and talented people can make the world a better place.

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