Got an audio interview to attend? Are you thinking about what’s the worst that can happen? At worst, you’d mess up. In this piece, I’ll talk about the worst possibilities and what you can do not to let the worst happen.

Appearing unprepared 

Cliche, right? As generic as it sounds, attending the interview with proper preparation and confidence is essential. Clarity of thoughts and the capability of expressing them fluently are equally crucial: because your interviewers would assess you based on those. Prior to the interview, I suggest you rehearse with your friend, or maybe your best friend: yourself

Check your devices and software

Speaking of preparation, make sure you check whether your device is working properly or not. Check if your laptop requires an update or if your headphones are appropriately working. Also, look out for the software updates that come with no notice. It’s better you check everything, and run a few test calls with your friend to verify. Audio interviews are most likely to be much stricter in terms of the duration of it. Therefore, each second counts!

Make bullet points, not a script

First things first, it is suggested to ponder about the points you might want to bring up during the interview session. Writing down the points in short form might help since it’s relatively easy to forget. However, don’t write down full sentences. Because even if you don’t want to read out from the script while being interviewed, you might sound like you’re doing it. Be careful; repetitive revision of the points might overpower your eloquence. 

Familiarise yourself well with the organisation

Goes without saying that before attending any interview, you should have a clear idea about your interviewers. While clarity about your thoughts is essential, knowing properly what the organisation wants is crucial too. That said, research about the organisation, its employers, and employees. Since you won’t get to observe their body language or make any eye contact, the mentioned tip would help. Moreover, pay undivided attention to the questions – you know why it’s important, right? 

This COVID-19 pandemic has brought massive changes in the process of recruitment in plenty of virtual internships or programs of the sort. As significant as maintaining social distancing is, it is being given importance while not stopping the new intakes of recruitees. Consequently, audio interviews, already an established medium of interviews, are gaining more relevance nowadays.

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