Whether it’s a painter, musician or writer, every creative individual has a limit to their creative juices. When you are working on something inventive, it is natural to feel like you have reached a dead end. Similarly, a writer often faces a phenomenon called writer’s block, a state where the writer is unable to think what to write next. I, personally, have struggled a lot with this predicament. So I wanted to figure out ways to help myself.

Here are some of the ideas that helped me fight writer’s block.

1.Take a walk

When I am stuck with an idea and can’t seem to think outside my bubble of thoughts, getting away from my workstation helps a lot. According to artifice.com, just taking a stroll in an open space frees up your mind and creates space in your mind to come up with new ideas. So, the next time when you feel like you have reached an impasse, try going out some fresh air.

2. Create an outline

Since I like to work in a structured way, creating an outline helps me think of an article in segments. For example, I first think of an idea and then come up with what the subheadings can be. This process helps me to come up with the whole article step by step. If you are the type of person who likes to write following a structure, then this might work for you. This tip is something that helps me significantly. However, it may not have the same effect on everyone.

3. Do something creative

If you have a certain creative outlet other than writing, you can spend time on it when you face writer’s block. This will help you achieve two things – it will take your mind off your work and it will get your creative juices flowing when you come back after a while. Creative hobbies will help you get relaxed and boost the task of writing back into gear.

4. Get another perspective

This one is not just related to writing rather it helps in most scenarios. Whenever I can not decide how to move forward with a decision, I usually take someone else’s perspective on that issue. That helps me come up with new ideas and ultimately make a decision. This does not necessarily have to be talking to another person, you can also imagine another person and explain and discuss your idea with that person. In this way, you might get perspective internally.

5. Eliminate distraction

Lastly, this one can be applicable to all writers. A lot of creative people like to work in messy environments and I am not advising to clean up messy environments. Rather I am saying if something in your environment is distracting you, it is optimal to take care of it. If you are a writer who uses online platforms more, you can clear out your desktop and organize documents in separate files. On the other hand, if you prefer writing on pen and paper, you can organize things on your desk that can be potential distractions.

In conclusion, there is no clear cut way of beating writer’s block. It is better if you try all of these out and see which ones work for you.