Chrome extensions are a valuable addition to a student’s toolbox. You don’t have to go through any extra hassle with them as they are built next to your browser. They will take a minute at best to install. These extensions will assist you with your schoolwork. They can generate several functions and help you get an A. Here I have listed 5 lifesaving Google extensions for your schoolwork. 

Google Dictionary

Google dictionary lets students know the word’s meanings. You don’t have to open another tab and search for the word. All you need to do is double-click on the word and a pop-up with the definition will appear. It saves a lot of time for students and eliminates any extra work associated. The dictionary is available in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.


It is a productivity extension. We all know how our mind gets diverted with social media. This extension lets students block other distracting websites. It is customizable. You can have your desired websites or apps get locked at certain times. For instance, you tell the app to lock Facebook when it’s time to study. It helps with your productivity. 


Grammarly is an extremely useful tool for students. It proofreads content and fixes grammar, spelling mistakes. It also monitors redundant sentences and ensures if your sentences are concise and proper. This way, your assignments are saved from a number of unseen mistakes for this help. I think Grammarly is a must-have tool for every student. Oftentimes, we miss out on some common mistakes that will cause us marks. Not to mention we brush up on our spelling and grammar. 


Diigo is an extension that helps annotate, archive, and bookmark webpages. You can attach highlights and stickies for reading later. All the information and markings will remain saved for the next time you enter the page. You will need to open an account to use it. Other than that there is nothing else to do. You can also share your saved highlights and information with your friends. It really makes assignments and projects easier. 

Voice In Voice Typing

Voice In Voice Typing is a voice typing extension. A lot of students are now a fan of voice typing. All they have to do is place the cursor in the place of typing and start speaking. The extension will start typing accordingly. It is a life savior when you are injured or you don’t have any energy to type (Trust me, it happens). The extension has over 120 languages. 

These 5 extensions are very helpful for students and they increase and ease up their work a lot. If you are a student, I suggest you try these extensions.