The UK is home to many of the best universities in the world and every year, around 500,000 international students choose to study there. However, for many, the dream of studying in the UK seems unattainable due to the tuition fee and the cost of living. 

Chevening solves this problem by offering a unique opportunity to future leaders around the world to study in the UK. Funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations, these Chevening Scholarships enable outstanding emerging leaders from all over the world to pursue one-year Master’s degrees in any subjects at partnered UK universities.

As a Chevener, I can tell you that Chevening is not only a scholarship but also a life-changing experience. 

But, what makes Chevening so prestigious? The following few points would surely convince you to go for it.

The application process is very simple

There is no requirement for a GMAT/GRE (even most of the UK universities don’t require one). You just have to write 4 short essays, arrange references and fill-in some basic information at the first step. Once you are shortlisted, you are required to submit your IELTS result.

You are completely covered

Chevening not only pays for your tuition fees, but also provides you with a monthly stipend of around GBP 1000, plus travel and visa expenses. In addition, you also get an arrival allowance and a departure allowance. You do not even have to spend a penny throughout your masters.

Your cohort has amazing leaders from around the world

Chevening selects people who demonstrate strong leadership skills. They aim to bring people who are passionate about making an impact in their own fields, be it entrepreneurs, bureaucrats, diplomats, engineers, or artists, etc. Every year, there are around 1,700 scholars from over 160 countries. Imagine the diversity there must be in a hall full of Chevening scholars! 

Chevening motivates you to think out of the box and make greater impact 

All Chevening events are special.They give you chances to think and reflect on how you can bring positive changes in this world. Thought-provoking discussions and debates among fellow enthusiastic Cheveners and scholars help each other in further human development across the world. These discussions and debates were an integral part of my learning process which helped me to think critically. 

You become a part of a very strong alumni network

Chevening has a strong global network of over 50,000 alumni, who are working to make the world a better place. Worldwide, fourteen current or former heads of states or heads of government are Chevening Alumni. This prestigious alumni network is what makes Chevening truly special.

You get to travel, party and make lasting relationships 

The UK is absolutely a wonderful place to live and travel. From Edinburgh and York in the north to Brighton in the south-end, the UK continues to surprise with a variety of things to see, eat, read, and learn. Cinemas, theatres, music festivals, parties and concerts merit a separate blog post. Again the variety is inexhaustible and the vibrant social life makes being there an absolute pleasure. 

The only problem is that one year feels too short  to experience all of the good things the UK and the Chevening  have to offer!      

Photo credit: Chevening Awards (FCO)

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