It is a dream for most of us to pursue our studies in foreign countries. It provides us with an enriching travel experience and a brilliant opportunity to get access to world-class faculty and contacts. But, the main concern for most of the students is the cost associated with studying abroad. This is the biggest factor why students hesitate from pursuing their studies abroad. Medical education is significantly costlier in India as compared to many other foreign countries. It is a general practice among medical students to pursue their MBBS degree from China, Russia, and the Philippines, due to the low cost involved. 

But, do you want to pursue MBBS in Europe and are hesitant that it will be a huge burden on your pocket? If you are one of those students, you are in the right place. Given below are some of the cheapest medical universities in Europe that you can aim for. 

University of Crete 

The University of Crete is a public university located in Crete, Greece. It is one of the European universities that do not charge any tuition fee for international students studying there. Medicine is among the top and most popular programs of the university. The only catch here is that most of the subjects are taught in the Greek language. So, to get into this university, you have to learn Greek. Although you will find a big enough community of English speakers, it is still essential to know the medium of instruction. If you plan to study here, you will have to incur only your living expenses. 

Nantes University 

The University of Nantes is located in Nantes, France. It is one of the best places to pursue your MBBS degree. The university charges a very minimal processing fee of $200 or 184 Euros every semester. You must be worried that you will still have to incur the living costs. Don’t worry because the cost of living in Nantes is as low as 600 Euros per month. You can also take part-time jobs while studying. 

University of Athens 

Europe is known for the oldest and most popular universities. The University of Athens is a classic educational institution that is also the oldest. You will find the best-in-class faculty and peer groups here. Along with studying, you will be fortunate enough to witness the history of Athens and explore the ancient Greek culture. Degrees in nursing and dentistry are among the most popular ones. The living cost in Athens is as low as $500 per month. The tuition fee per semester is very low and affordable, i.e., $400. 

The Victor Babes University of Medicine in Timisoara 

The Victor Babes University is located in Timisoara, Romania. It was founded in 1945. It has a glorious track record of providing high-quality medical education and many research accomplishments in medical faculty. The university is characterized by hard-working and dedicated students and teachers. This university’s tuition fee is as low as 6000 Euros every year, and the duration of the MBBS degree is 6 years. You have to appear for an entrance exam for this University. The medium of instruction is English. Additionally, an online application facility is also available here. 

Medical University of Vienna

As the name suggests, this University is located in the beautiful landscape of Vienna, Austria. This is the best medical research institution in Vienna. Also, it is the biggest university among the German-speaking countries. It is famous for its programs in human medicine and dentistry. The university’s other unique feature is it does not charge any tuition fees from the students. Here, the duration of study is 6 years. This means that you have to incur only the living expenses. You should have at least a C1 level of German. 

Medical University of Novi Sad 

The university of medicine is located in Novi Sad, Serbia. It is an old university founded in 1960. The medium of instruction here is English. Notably, it is one of the most reputed medical universities in Europe and also the 2nd largest state university in Serbia. The duration of the course or degree is 6 years, and the tuition fee amounts to as low as 5500 Euros per year. You have to pass the entrance exam to get into this university. 

So, now you can rest assured and go on the hunt for MBBS Europe without any cost-related worries. You can choose from the aforementioned universities or look for other universities that provide low-cost medical education in Europe. For consultation on study abroad in Europe, “Click here.