Have you ever found your life getting tangled at a crossroad? You are afraid and befuddled and you haven’t got a field guide. The sound stopped, movements stopped, and the moment hovered for much more than a moment.

Yes, you’ve hit rock bottom. But this moment will go, just as moments always go. But how you come out of this moment, is going to define the rest of your days. Why, though? Why define it by such a moment? Well, because right now, you are standing at a precipice, where you might feel that no one ever cared and there is no point. Know that you are being tested. And only when you are tested can you truly find out who you really are. And only when you are tested will you truly unearth who you can be.

You can choose to blame this state of affairs all up on fate, or your dumb luck, or your bad choices. But here’s something that you can always do. Fight Back. Make it your big revival.

Make your first move

The next one will instinctively sidle in. Make goals that are realistic. There is no such thing as a quick fix to revamp your life. Deliberation is key, day in and day out. That work you got to do, don’t pile it up. Progress for the sake of progress. You have got to test your own limits.

Stand up to that bully

Don’t let their words rattle you. Lines will always be crossed. Look them in the eye and stare them down. You have got to stand tall and have compassion. Learn to ignore and close your ears. Walk the high road and still, don’t lose your ground. They will try to break you down, to hold themselves up. They are weak at heart.  But don’t let them walk all over you. You can’t get out of the pattern of this horrible inferno if you don’t stand up for yourself. Therefore, when needed, learn to throw a punch. And if you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out. Just talking can make things a lot easier.

Test Out New Zones

Be different. There’s no time for anybody’s judgments. Keep struggling with yourself and one day, you will no longer be scared of it.

Face Your Fears

Don’t back off. That will only knock you down. Every night is another story. Make commitments to yourself. Lean towards it. You will grow before you know it.

Don’t Try To Be Perfect

That will only end up leaving you with new heartbreaks. Some days may go just flawless. But there will always be setbacks. Don’t forget: In this life, problems are not going to go away. Finding happiness is never the easiest thing to do. There’ll always be trials and tribulations, cause we all are at a loss. But never forget, that person you want to be, does exist, maybe on the other side of faith and belief, and undaunted hard work.

Life will always try to get you down. The cards of life may not fold out the same for you. Don’t intend on where you want to be with where others have set landmarks. Whatever you have been through, don’t let it shake your truth. Never stop being a believer.